Apex Luxury Car Hire Marbella announces expansion of its offices in the Spanish domain!

“Apex Luxury Car Hire Marbella – exotic luxury vehicles for hire”
Apex Luxury Car Hire Marbella is expanding its office in the area of Marbella, Spain given its growth potential in the last couple of years and consistent demand for a local help from the Spanish end of Europe.

Apex Luxury Car Hire Marbella is pleased to announce that coinciding with its 5th anniversary, it has signed a lease to expand to new offices in Marbella, Spain. To consistently accommodate the ever-increasing growth with special emphasis on future development plans of the market, this is a much-needed step in that direction. This newly developed offices are located at the prime location of the city and will feature an open floor plan to include a new expert administrative team.

“This move represents an exciting development for Apex Luxury Car Hire Marbella’’, stated CEO Daniel Meyer of the company. According to him, “this move was important given the increase in the company’s workforce and the modern look that the company is planning to give to its current position.” Also, acting as an alternative to the current set of traditional office space, this Spanish office expansion was a much-needed move.

According to inside sources, the primary reason for this expansion of office space is to include demands of the customers who plan to check out the specific Marbella destinations. Keeping in mind the costs associated with this renting of cars as well as the distance and maintenance issues – the company has decided to open its working space in this Spanish domain. Hence, it can be very well stated that this is truly a notable effort to expand the current office.

Current features associated with this move, as information received from various sources include: a new fleet of cars including Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini and Range Rover to its existing fleet, revising the rates of rent and finally concentrating on including specific destinations of Marbella for exclusive packages.

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In fact, with expansion of office space and introduction of a specialised administration team, the company is now looking to gain a stronghold of its competition in the primary European market.

This new office space as per plans will feature configured floor plans to promote worker productivity and that too in a collaborative environment. This space will both be flexible and include scalable offices with interconnectivity options, business services and conference rooms. Primary idea is to instil the concept of supremacy of the company within its current workforce.

Talks are on for an advanced platform of an on-site technology design that will provide Tier-1 level of infrastructure powered with firewall protected data network, advanced telecommunication process, internet and intra-net connectivity as well as application hosting services.

The idea that is inducted into this office space is to preserve capital level by enhancing the core competencies allowing worker’s their creative space for betterment of the organisation. The inclusive cafeteria with a range of continental dishes and special Brazilian coffee is the added catch.

It is also being reported that Apex Luxury Car Hire Marbella is looking towards a tie-up with some of the top resorts of the Spanish domain to extend its facilities. Apart from the digital format where it has already established its stronghold, the company is looking to improve its connections directly with its clients and thereby help them ease the process of renting a luxury car for their trip to Marbella and its associated domains.

The PRO team associated with Apex Luxury Car Hire Marbella has shown immense support in commencement and execution of this new office space. With a 250% growth in last year’s business, the company is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that it crosses that mark in the upcoming years.

To celebrate the opening of this new office space, Apex Luxury Car Hire Marbella has organised for a specific ‘Open House’ for interested clients who wish to check out their fare and plan out their itinerary in a sequential process. It is well-revealed that the plan of expansion is turning out to be extremely positive at each step.

About the company:

Apex Luxury Car Hire Marbella has always been known specifically for its luxury car rental services all over the world. Given its stronghold over Europe and the Western world, it has excelled at every step and is looking forward to making it reach the topmost position.

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