aNumak & Company:Guiding the UAE Towards a Digitally Perfect Tomorrow with Cutting-Edge Offerings


aNumak & Company, a pioneering force in advanced data consulting and generative AI solutions, is thrilled to announce its expansive presence across the United Arab Emirates. With prominent operations in key cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi, and Qatar, aNumak & Company is setting new standards in the Middle East’s technology sector.

Founded in 2020 with an unwavering mission to empower businesses in the digital era, aNumak & Company has swiftly emerged as a global leader in data consulting and generative AI solutions, acclaimed for its excellence and innovation.

Driven by an unyielding commitment to innovation and a legacy of excellence, aNumak & Company has established strategic alliances with influential clients throughout the region. By addressing complex data challenges and spearheading forward-thinking AI initiatives, the company is not only expanding its reach but also propelling the technological landscape of the Middle East to unprecedented heights.

“At aNumak & Company, our core mission has always been to empower businesses through cutting-edge data consultancy. In an era of rapidly evolving machine learning models and generative AI, our expansion into the UAE region underscores our dedication to staying at the forefront of this revolutionary field,” proclaims Neha Prasad, CEO of aNumak & Company.

The dynamic leadership team, led by CEO Neha Prasad and featuring COO Diana Marcela RiozMaza, has played a pivotal role in this expansion. Their visionary approach, coupled with their profound expertise in data analytics, machine learning, and AI, ensures that clients receive tailor-made solutions precisely tailored to their unique requirements.

Founder Neha Prasad comments, “Our success in the UAE is a culmination of our team’s unwavering commitment to excellence and our profound understanding of the contemporary needs of data consultancy. We are not here merely to make a mark; we are here to shape the future of AI in this region.”

aNumak & Company offers a comprehensive suite of services to its clients, including:

1. Business Strategy: With aNumak & Company’s business strategy expertise, businesses can navigate the complexities of today’s market landscape, plan for growth, and adapt to ever-changing conditions.

2. Supply Chain Management: The company’s supply chain management solutions optimize the flow of goods, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency, ensuring that businesses can meet their customers’ demands with ease.

3. Sales and Marketing: aNumak & Company provides advanced sales and marketing strategies, enabling clients to reach their target audiences effectively and increase revenue.

4. Customer Insights: Leveraging data analytics and AI, aNumak & Company offers invaluable customer insights, helping businesses understand their customers’ needs and preferences, ultimately improving customer satisfaction.

5. Digital Commerce: In the realm of digital commerce, aNumak & Company leads the way with innovative solutions that transform e-commerce experiences, driving sales and ensuring a seamless online presence.

6. Modernizing the Data Platform: aNumak & Company specializes in modernizing data platforms, helping organizations harness the full potential of their data through state-of-the-art technologies and strategies.

7. Data Modern Consulting: Our data modern consulting services ensure that businesses stay ahead in the ever-evolving data landscape, enabling them to make informed decisions and achieve their goals.

8. Generative AI Consulting: We provide cutting-edge generative AI consulting, enabling businesses to leverage AI-powered creativity and innovation to gain a competitive edge.

With the Middle East emerging as a hotbed of technological innovation, aNumak & Company’s strategic expansion into the region is exquisitely timed. Clients, partners, and technology enthusiasts can anticipate groundbreaking solutions and partnerships in the near future as the company continues to lead the way in modern data consulting and generative AI.

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