Anthony Martello releases DIY album “Mood Swings”, as a part of his solo project Wandiez

While playing in bands like Oh Honey No, and MEOWZAH!, Texas-based artist Anthony Martello has announced the release of his solo project “Wandiez”, a DIY music project where he does all the writing, plays all the instruments, records and handles production all by himself. He finished 27 songs during this year-long project and released it as a compilation called “Hodgepodge: the Lego demos” that received a great response from his fans and showcased his multiple talents as an artist. As a part of the same project, Anthony has now released another album titled “Mood Swings” featuring 10 songs.

Mood Swings is a rock concept album about modern-day relationships and depression, and how the two intertwined with each other. While each song is unique and makes a lasting impact on the listeners, some of the notable songs from the album are “Warm on the Inside”, “Song of Indecision” and “Bad Luck Charm”. The whole album concept is like a story, with every song covering a different aspect of the modern relationships that may be relatable to many. The propulsive cadence in Anthony’s voice accompanied by his attention to detail in the instruments he used and the overall composition of the songs, make it a delight to listen. Anthony’s love for different rock music and artists like Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, White Stripes and Led Zeppelin can be felt in his music, in addition to his own distinctive style.

While talking about his album Mood Swings, Anthony states, “In my album Mood Swings, a lot of the songs are related to a sort of modern-day depression. The kind of depression a lot of people feel nowadays with the increase of modern-day technology and the lack of human connection. I want people to empathize with my music. And for my music to tell them “it’s okay to feel this way.”

Anthony has been absorbed in music since he was a child, thanks to his parents who loved music and always kept it playing in the house. Growing up, Anthony started singing in Choir with his sister and learned to play guitar in 8th grade. In high school, he joined a rock band and after graduating he studied music at Wesleyan University. Through his solo project Wandiez, Anthony is showing his prowess as a multi-talented musician. 

Listen to his solo project Wandiez on different streaming platforms through this LINK.

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