American Consumer Panels Helping Brands to Improve Products through Instant Feedback

American Consumer Panels is helping brands to have insights on the strength and weaknesses of their products through immediate feedback from real consumers so that the companies can come up with improved results.

NY – 21st March, 2016 – Customer is the “king” and brands are always seeking user opinions to validate their products. American Consumer Panels has made the job easier for companies now by offering them instant feedback from real consumers to help them bring in enhanced results, just as the “king” wishes.

The consulting firm specializes in product testing and product development works. It’s engaged in designing and conducting In-Home Usage Testing (IHUT) nationally and locally to assure actual user review regarding product evaluation, packaging, and product instructions and so on.

“Our decade-long experience in market consulting shows that brands are in need of an efficient and credible avenue to gather easy and real feedback quickly from consumers to improve their catering. The In-Home Usage Tests have been there for a while but none of them are able to provide immediate feedback like our In-Home Usage Tests. We are here to help market research companies in achieving their desired level of quality and safety for clients’ brands and products,” stated a senior spokesperson from American Consumer Panels.

American Consumer Panels has been operating in the US since 2006 – however the online operations of the company commenced in 2015 and the service was re-launched nationwide this year only. American Consumer Panels has its own proprietary network of In-Home Usage Testers.

“What separates us from other companies is that we offer brands immediate feedback and that too from a huge range of real consumers who actually use the products. It’s something really crucial for the brand managers as it offers them an insight on how to improve the existing products as well as determine optimal features of their catering.”

Instant feedback from real consumers would even help the brands to validate new samples prior to incurring in pricey ventures of big-scale launch or further production. The senior manager from the company stressed on stringent screening on testing participants to ensure the best compatible candidates for In-home product tests.

“When you instantly get to know what’s working and what’s not working with your product, you can take the corrective steps immediately that save you from huge wastage or failure in the market,” added in the senior manager from the company.

He also emphasized on helping the brands with better decision-making capacity and more powerful brand intelligence through continuous feedback and reduced costs. The testing will further reveal overall customer satisfaction as well as possible threats from competitor products.

“Our service would be beneficial for product managers, brand managers, research managers as well as SME owners. However, it’s the consumers who are the ones to enjoy the maximum benefits from our service. On one hand, the instant real feedback would help the brands to improve quality, on the other hand, the consumers would get to cherish an enhanced and superior quality life.”

About American Consumer Panels

American Consumer Panels is a market consulting firm that helps brands with insights on their products through In-Home Usage Testing of different products by actual users.

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