Indie Game Developer Launches Wacky Worm Racing Game – A New Fun And Exciting Family Social Game

A new game called “Wacky Worm Racing Game” is all set to be launched as a new fun and exciting family social game that takes inspirations from classic family games and combine it with a worm dance move as the method of motion, which makes the game challenging yet fun for people for all ages. The Wacky Worm Racing Game has been developed by an indie game developer, whose motivation behind creating a social game was to bring together friends and/or family in a physical, fun and engaging activity that would take attention away from the television, computer and smartphone screens.  This is a way to “DISGUISE EXERCISE”!

In today’s age of digital gaming and smartphone apps, games such as this takes people away from staring at a screen and towards their lawns for an engaging activity they can enjoy with friends and family. The game only requires a flat surface on the ground to place the racing mat on and a willing bunch of people who are ready to do a specific type of Wacky Worm dancing move to do down the race mat and compete to win the race. All contenders must put their wiggle on to be a part of the game. At least 2 – 4 racers will have suit up in wacky worm suits which have been especially designed for the game, the suits not only add to the fun element but they also serve an important purpose in the game, the racers are required to the worm suit properly at all times during the race to provide protection from the ground, and debris. In the suits, the racers then make their way down a 2-4 lane track on the race mat which a simple objective have fun and beat the other worms.

All this may sound extremely simple; however racers must learn and perform the right wacky worm dance move in order to be successful. It is mandatory for the racers to perform the worm dance movement in order to compete and avoid the breach of the game rules which results in penalties.

Violations occur from:

• An improper form which involves the use of a racer’s elbows or knees on the ground during a race. Indicators are made into the lining of the suit marking elbow infractions.

• False starts which are caused by movement across the starting line before the indicator to start the race.

• Out of bounds, which occur when a racer goes off either side of the race area.

Any violations result in a 1 second stop of motion by the racer until provided an indication to resume the race.

The racer must follow the instructions for each game, ie individual race, relay race and team relay race and complete the race from start to finish without becoming disqualified according to predetermined rules of movement.

The developer of the Wacky Worm Race Game said: I am a reunion planner and was thinking of a new spin on a classic game. So, this idea originated from the sack race (a timeless reunion classic), the sumo suits (the game using suits) and the worm dance move as the method of moment. My wish was to create a game that brings together family and friends and then engrosses them into an activity that is fun and promotes physical activity. I hope you will have as much fun playing the Wacky Worm Race Game, as much as I had while creating it. Just remember the moves, the rules and enjoy!!”  

The competitive nature of the game and the body rolling plus wiggling motion of the worm dance move add many physical benefits to the game. The racing game is an aerobic activity which will burn calories and teach motor skills and methods of movement to kids, something that today’s style of gaming desperately lacks.

The developer of the game suggests 3 different types of races that players can engage in:

• Individual Race comprises of 2 or more racers, whereas each racer races from the start line to the finish line without becoming disqualified.

• Relay Race comprises of 2 or more groups of racers, whereas the group consists of at least 2 racers race from the start line to the finish line without becoming disqualified.

• Team Relay Race comprises of more than 2 groups to incorporate multiple teams of a group racers. They race from the start line to the finish line without becoming disqualified.

Wacky Worm Racing Game Cause:

Besides providing a fun and engaging social game for all age, the developer aims to support a special cause through the game. “I had my 1st kid, a daughter 12/14/16 and lost my mother 12/17/16. The same week, and she passed away on dad’s birthday. We buried her 12/26/16, the day after Christmas. The reason for sharing is my mom passed from Dementia. So, portions of proceeds go to supporting Dementia research.” The Wacky Worm Game Creator said of the cause of the game, which is to help in the support of Dementia research.


Wacky Worm Race Game is a new fun and exciting family social game that takes the worm dance move as the method of motion and then the competition is on.


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