‘Amazing Animal Funphabets’ Colorful and Beautifully Illustrated Alphabet Picture Book

Highly recommended for any picture book collection. For Preschool and other young children who are learning their letters and to help enhance their fundamental understanding of the English language. Animal Alphabet is a perfect fun primer.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS – NOVEMBER 6, 2020 – After the initial success of her 7th Riddle Book launch and Kickstarter Campaign, author and game developer, Athena Goodman, now presents the release of her new children’s book called the Amazing Animal Funphabets!This brilliantly illustrated bookprovides a creatively entertaining touch to assist parents while they teach their toddlers and young children, ages 0-6, about the alphabet.

About the Book: Little Jayanzi is excited to go to school. Today he gets to learn the alphabet in an unusual way. “If the alphabet were animals what would they be?” the teacher asks. Jayanzi eagerly runs upfront to share his thoughts.

From Alligators with big teeth and Bats that can fly in the dark, to Wolves that would protect him and stripey Zebras that could play the keyboard, he delivers each letter in turn and receives an ovation from his friends when he finishes.

The book is now available for prelaunch on Amazon for E-Book and Kindle Format. Stay tuned on November 28, 2020, for the Audiobook and the Physical Copy of the books.

About the Author: Athena Goodman, who started writing at the age of 9, is a writer of children’s books as well as adult fiction books. She also has her share of poems and has written a play entitled “Thanksgiving to Remember”, which she produced and choreographed back in 1999. She has also released multiple books entitled, Fragile Destiny, Bunnyland of Crisis, a children’s best-seller on Amazon, alongside the first episode of The 7th Riddle Series. Goodman is available for interviews and appearances.

For inquiries, you may reach her at justbelieveinc@gmail.com


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