All But Code Is on A Mission to Reprogram Tech Startups and Garage Companies to Become Enviable Unicorns

The company was created to help tech founders build a business around their products and take them to the market by offering free online lessons

The adoption of technology has skyrocketed across different sectors birthing a new wave of ingenious tech-based startups. Edu-tech, fintech, agri-tech, and online concierge services are some of the expressions of modern-day technological advancement, responsible for delivering essential products and services to a global audience.

Unfortunately, the majority of these startups crumble within a few years owing to numerous factors needed for their success. Some of these factors are ignorance in identifying the primary market for their product and difficulty in establishing business models that will stand the test of time. However, All But Code is a company committed to laying the steady foundation for these tech-based companies to attain success.

All But Code offers free online practical lessons to the present crop of stakeholders in the booming tech space; made up of startup company founders, tech employees, developers, and coders on how to grow and scale their businesses. The company focuses on imparting skills required for startup companies to create and maintain market demand for their products, with the view of integrating these skills into the startup’s framework and capitalizing on this newfound knowledge to attract investors. 

A collaboration between tech startups and All But Code guarantees that the tools needed for a product’s scalability are adequately provided, alongside information on team building and financial guidance. Scott Whitaker, the founder of All But Code, has learned from a decade of failing and has gone on to successfully revolutionize the operations of startup companies by providing technical founders with the integral insights needed to take their products to the sphere of functionality and transgenerational relevance.

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