Alexander Korol’s Book “Alternative History” Released in English

Alexander Korol’s newest novel, “Alternative History”, made its debut in English as an e-book in September 2023. The book is set to be a sensation due to its unique presentation and the extraordinary themes it delves into. 

Alternative History” marks Korol’s first foray into traditional novel-writing with a plot foundation. Prior to this, he had authored and published about twenty books, all spanning various genres. Despite the differences, a mystical influence permeates all of Alexander’s works, as validated by numerous user reviews on forums, social media groups, and other platforms.

Reading Korol’s books is a breeze, but describing their content is incredibly challenging. Critics have likened them to scientific treatises written in the first person or as heartfelt conversations between the author and the readers. Their powerful impact has been compared to the works of Carlos Castaneda, Paulo Coelho, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, and Lewis Carroll. However, each book by Alexander Korol stands out as utterly unique in its presentation, holding no parallels in world literature.

This is particularly accurate for “Alternative History”. According to Alexander, work on this book commenced in 2010. Not everyone will find it accessible, but only those with a pure heart will be able to fathom its depths. Korol describes the novel as an endless living entity and forewarns of its magical influence on the readers. The book is designed for multiple readings, each time affecting the reader in diverse ways. Korol promises readers a potent shake-up. Each chapter triggers a spectrum of emotions, sometimes even contradictory. But there is nothing to fear. One can perceive the story as a quest that unfolds from the first page and concludes with a finale. The reading experience will open one’s mind, strengthen their resolve, and enhance their knowledge, potentially leading to a profound transformation. It resembles an “electronic path” that initiates specific mechanisms and programs, which then function independently. 

Those who have already encountered the book confirm its unusual impact on their perceptions and worldview. Readers have noted that the text seemingly connects them to a miraculous source, heightening their senses and altering the world around them. People of faith believe the book imparts a divine, boundless force that profoundly modifies ingrained perceptions. Some readers assert that the book has enlightened them, making them wiser by decades. Others share that the text has wholly transformed their personality, claiming that they have never read anything as impactful as “Alternative History”.

Readers have hailed Alexander Korol’s book as a true sensation and a testament to the divine. They believe that the novel is genuinely inspired by the Spirit, and everything within it holds sacred significance for the reader.

The immersive effect of the writing is so powerful that one might lose themselves in time and space. The stylistic approach blurs the boundaries of reality, making the reader an immediate participant in the events unfolding within the book.

“Alternative History” appeals to a broad audience. However, the author cautions that some might find the text challenging to engage with. At times, the mind may either disengage or become hyperactive, striving to resolve the questions posed within the pages. Korol invites the reader to join him on an incredible journey, diving into depths rarely dared to be explored before, aiming to discover truth and embrace love — the universal pursuits of all thoughtful and feeling individuals. 

Born in 1990 in Saint Petersburg, Alexander Korol penned his first book at 16 — a combination of diary entries, philosophical reflections, and life observations, presented in an extraordinarily sincere and straightforward style. Since then, many books have followed, establishing Alexander as a renowned global author. “Alternative History” isn’t his first work published in English. His acknowledged bestseller “Have Not Charity” was recently published by the British publishing house Austin Macauley. 

Korol spends most of his time in Thailand or the USA, shying away from public events, avoiding crowded places, and preferring solitude. He devotes significant time to his literary pursuits. Alexander periodically publishes chapters from his new texts on his Telegram channel, but currently, direct contact with the author is not possible. 

The author’s new book, “Alternative History”, will captivate both loyal readers of Alexander Korol and those discovering his work for the first time. For English-speaking readers, this novel will be an extraordinary experience, expanding perceptual boundaries and revealing a different facet of the familiar world.

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