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The miniature air-blown optical cable was first created by NKF optical cable company in the Netherlands. Because it greatly improves the utilization efficiency of pipe holes, it has many market applications in the world. In residential renovation projects, some areas may require optical cables to cross squares or roads. In the case that the overhead method is not advocated, if the road is excavated to lay the pipeline, the amount of work will be relatively large. The laying method of the shallow-buried optical fiber cable is very simple. It only needs to use a cutting machine to dig a shallow groove on the road with a width of about 2cm. , the depth is about 10cm, and the backfill is implemented after placing the optical cable, and the routing connection can be quickly completed.

Advantages of micro air-blown optical cable:

1. Compared with the traditional stranded optical cable, the material consumption and processing cost of the micro-cable with the same number of cores are greatly reduced.

2. The structure size is small, the wire quality is small, the weather resistance is good, and the optical cable can be reused.

3. The bending performance is good, and the micro-optical cable has good lateral pressure resistance under normal working conditions.

4. It is suitable for overhead and pipeline laying, and a reinforced steel rope with a smaller size can be used for overhead laying. Existing piping resources can be saved when piping is laid.

Scope of application

Air-blown micro-optical cables are generally used in the following scenarios:

1. Expand the capacity of the existing communication pipes; by laying micro-pipes in the existing large holes and using micro-optical cables, the existing pipe holes can be divided into several small holes, and the capacity of the pipe holes can be doubled;

2. Solve the problem of terminal access; in drainage pipes or other similar pipes, lay micro-pipes and air-blown micro-optical cables to solve the problem of terminal access, and at the same time provide reserved pipe holes for later expansion.

The common models of air-blown micro-optical cables are:

(1) GCYFXTY type: non-metallic center reinforcement, ointment filled, polyethylene sheathed outdoor micro-optical cable for communication;

(2) GCYMXTY type: central metal tube filled, polyethylene sheathed outdoor micro-optical cable for communication;

(3) GCYFTY type: non-metallic central strength member, loose layer stranded type, polyethylene sheathed outdoor micro-optical cable for communication.

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