AI-based app makes it easier for the businesses to analyze customer’s behavior and preferences

Sapiens is a revolutionary new and predictive AI-based app that maps out the user’s wholistic personality profiles and influences their decision based on the identification of natural authentic unstructured and structured meta-data from the user’s life. To understand the customers and predict their behaviors can be really expensive for the businesses, especially considering the unpredictable nature of people and multifaceted personality of individual customers. This is when the app Sapiens comes to light, that maps out significant psychology features and predicts users’ behaviors through heuristic deep-learning analysis of users’ interactions and communications via their devices then further advises and influences their decision in consuming and investment.

Kelven, as the founder of Sapiens app, took inspiration from his experience of working as an English teacher in schools. He realized how understanding others could be really hard so he went onto develop the Sapiens app which was first applied in schools and later on, introduced to a wider audience when it was awarded UBS Future of Finance Challenge.

The introduction of social media has provided an immense opportunity for businesses to reach a wider audience at once. While the businesses are using many ways to analyze the users’ data to understand their preferences and behaviors that can be used to influence their purchase decisions, they aren’t always as effective in addition to being quite expensive. This means only the top companies around the world are able to use such AI-based apps to analyze user data. Sapiens, however, can make it possible for the medium to large scale businesses to have a detailed analysis of their customer’s personalities and interests.

Unlike a few other data analysis apps in the market that focus on structures and formal unstructured data, Sapiens focuses on daily life data that could be significant in deducing human behaviors. “However, there is still a long way to go to make it perfect” – said Kelven, the founder, when being asked about if it is going to fully take over human minds, as its name suggests. “We don’t plan to take over human minds at this stage – we wish to increase our accuracy and predictability first in these two years. In days to come, however, we wish sapiens could take over the job of market intelligence so a more accurate but costly solution can be provided”, he adds

Talking about the benefits of Sapiens, Kelven says, “The business could not only know about what users think and behaviors as I mention, more importantly, but it’s also their intention. Currently, there is no system doing such and the guess, or, estimation, is not always correct. But Sapiens patent engine could do the job well but providing a very accurate prediction of how the users think.”

The recent incidents of a few major social media channels stealing user’s data raised a lot of concerns about user’s data online. When asked Kelven about any implications of Sapiens in breaching data privacy of the users, he says, “No as I consider. A lot of customers will be very afraid to share personal data with banks and retailers, but now we serve as a buffer so users need not be directly in touch with those firms but they can still tell them what they really need, and more importantly, the analysis is doing locally in the mobile devices and what it comes to end, it’s just a profile without any personal data involved.”


Sapiens is a revolutionary AI-based app that can analyze user’s online data and influence their purchase decisions. It is a highly useful app for all kinds of consumer businesses that collect users’ data through mobile& desktop devices without any cost. All data will be analyzed and profiles with users’ personalities and preferences will be mapped out. Upon users’ consent, the portfolio could be used for CRM, societal marketing and relationship orientation to allow a better understanding of clients. Sapiens is available as a paid API/SDK which can be integrated into various mobile applications for companies, banks, retailers and other service providers to collect customer data. The data collected by the app also includes extensive consumer behavior information which is valuable for AGI development.

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