Advice to get the perfect custom dress online

“How to custom made dresses online”
Deciding to order custom dresses online form websites like lunss isn’t always the easiest thing to do. It will be even harder if you aren’t an expert when it comes to cuts, fabrics and shapes. You may not even know where to begin.

You may be worried that you won’t find a dress which represents you perfectly. But that’s the beauty of custom dresses, you can get it designed just the way you want so that it is the perfect dress. Here are a few things which you should keep in mind when it comes to ordering custom dresses online:


When you’re working with custom designers and not with big brands, you can be sure that your dress is going to be unique and one which no one else owns. But for this to work, good and effective communication is very important. Let the designer know exactly what you want and don’t be afraid to share your budget with them too. There’s nothing embarrassing here. Let them know every little thing that you are thinking of. You might think it is inconsequential but you never know how it may affect the final dress.

Clothes style

Looking at your current clothes will go a long way in letting you know exactly what type of clothes suit you. It’s recommended that you know what suits your body and what doesn’t so that you can get the perfect dress and nothing else. Look at some of your favorite dresses. How are they styled? This should give you a clue of the route you should go with your custom dress.


When ordering a dress online, having the perfect measurements is very important. The main reason why you order a custom dress is so that you can get a perfect fit. It will be counterproductive if you get a custom dress made and it still doesn’t fit you perfectly. So make sure you get the perfect measurements before ordering your dress.


You are going to spend a lot of time on your special day on your feet. It’s very important that you have a comfortable dress or this is going to be very difficult. You wouldn’t want to go through the entire day with a grimace on your face right? Make sure you keep comfort in mind when designing your dress. Do not go for impossible designs that are really tight. They will just make your life more difficult.

It’s your dress

At the end of the day, you need to remember that you are the one who is going to be wearing the dress and you should have the final word. You can take advice from the designer or from the internet but the final decision will be yours. Just think of everything you would like to include in the dress and make sure nothing is left out from your idea of a perfect dress. There really is nothing stopping you from having your dream dress on your special day anymore.

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