Advanced Ignition S.L. launches a new fusion reactor beats magnetic field record

November 9, 2020 – The Advanced Ignition SL Spanish startup has successfully tested and launched the new Pulsotron-4 reactor of the Z-pinch. This generates a record magnetic field during its second test round, saturating two of the three sensors and measuring 5.34 Megateslas in the third sensor. That is an absolute record in this kind of fusion reactor. The magnetic field was ten times larger than in the previous Pulsotron-3, which is the first to recover electric energy from plasma. In the following test, it was measured more than 4 megateslas in the three magnetic sensors. The sensors measures non-static magnetic fields up to 4 gigahertz.

Unfortunately, the burst damaged several seals of the reactor and several other parts, but while it was repairing the team refurbished almost all the reactor adding additional two capacitors banks to work together in a new configuration. As a result, the energy recovery from the plasma doubled the previous one revealing a new path to improve the energy generation.

During reparation, it was stated in the Pulsotron-3 reports that the magnetic field in nuclear fusions is 20-34 times higher unveiling the magnetic fusion as a new way to generate nuclear reactions that must be included in the Quantum Mechanics

Also, two more new configurations must be tested to reach the full working prototype.

The profits of only one of only the target markets are the generation of 1.3 million new jobs, $185B every year sales paying $39B in taxes solving all economical the problems of any medium country, using desalation plants to irrigation to solve climate change and the reduction to zero point zero the world emissions of CO2

Now Advanced Ignition have a clearer vision of the firing mechanism that will be used in the next commercial reactors in the 0.4 to 4 megawatts range.

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