A Speech to UN officials Leads to New Global Team: Join the Movement.

Following his speech to United Nations officials on September 12, 2023, Kunio Hara, President of the Ho-Me-I-Ku Foundation, calls on international leaders to take action. He is forming a new international team under the guiding principle, “People exist to praise each other,” and invites passionate activists to join. The foundation eagerly awaits contact from those who resonate with the idea expressed in his speech, detailed below.“People are born to be praised” by Kunio HaraThe purpose of this speech is to ask you to include “We exist to praise each other” in our planet earth’s guidelines for action.

I’m KUNIO Hara. Please call me KUNI.

“People are born to be praised, and we exist to praise each other”. I spend my life pursuing this truth. I am working to contribute to the education of children around the world. I am a human resources consultant who raises the “productivity” of a company.

“People are born to be praised, and we exist to praise each other”

What do you think about this idea? Praise is not just for kids or workers. Everyone, even big leaders, needs praise. When one leader says good things to another leader about their hard work, they understand each other better. Praise about the process, not just the end result. I envision a future where world leaders openly praise each other.

I made this kimono for this event. Look at this on my back.

I’m going to ask you a question. Would you be happy if you are praised? Or be happy if you are scolded? It’s obvious, to be praised right? I want to light up the life of people all over the world by praising.

In Japanese, to praise is called “Ho-me-ru” This word means “wishing prosperity and happiness for others”. Isn’t that wonderful? How do you say “Ho-me-ru” in your country? I created the education method to convey praise to people. I call it “Ho-Me-I-Ku”. This is about educating people to praise and raise.

You know how companies have their own mission statement, right?  So what about a mission statement for our Earth?

I have a dream. One day we will have a unified Earth mission statement.

Already this “Ho-Me-I-Ku” method has spread to 20 counties, to 500 companies, and to 1 million people. “Ho-Me-I-Ku” method has been brought in companies and it shows amazing results. Sales and business performance have greatly increased. In fact, we don’t just praise everything. “Being praised by the customers” that’s the true goal for all staff members. Within 90 days, almost all companies can make the difference with “Ho-Me-I-Ku” method. “Ho-Me-I-Ku” is also used in university entrance tests.

I write a series of articles twice a week for Forbes.com. I have been a TEDx TALK speaker three times and my YouTube videos have been viewed over 10 million times. I was interviewed twice by the Japan Times, an affiliate of the New York Times. “Ho-Me-I-Ku” was featured twice on NHK, Japan’s largest broadcaster. “Ho-Me-I-Ku”  has been taught as a subject at a technical college. I also receive requests for lecture from the boards of public educational institutions in Japan.

I am happy to see that educational method “Ho-Me-I-Ku” with Japanese spirit, is spreading all over the world.

I created “Ho-Me-I-Ku” method, not only to introduce praising habit into education, but also to deliver another important message. Ho-Me-I-Ku can be separated into Ho-Me and I-Ku.

“Ho-Me” is also read as “home “ in English. As you know, “home” is the house itself and family.

“I-Ku” means “to go” in Japanese. When these two come together, it means “to go home”. So, this message means to take good care of your families and people close to you.

I was born 49years ago. I grew up strong and healthy, raised with so much praise by my wonderful parents, like no one else has. Thanks to them, I have amazing confidence and was gifted the word “Ho-Me-I-Ku”. On top of that, I have come to the place where I can give a speech to people all over the world about “Ho-Me-I-Ku”  method.  

Why do I want to spread “Ho-Me-I-Ku”  method to the world? Let me tell you about this driving force of mine. When I went to Cambodia, I have heard that there were children who had gone their whole lives without being praised even once. I was raised by parents who praised me all the time, so I was shocked by the reality. Then I started to move much faster after the day because everyone should be praised in their lives.

Now, due to various world situations, depression has been increasing around the world. You can’t see the people you want to see and you’ll never know when the anxiety ends. The economy has taken a big blow. It is like the sun is taken from us and we’re facing this situation.

I believe that Ho-Me-I-Ku would brighten the world and we all became the sun ourselves to praise ourselves and others. Surprisingly, it costs nothing to achieve that. Anyone can do this anywhere.

On one day every year, let’s call it “Ho-Me-I-Ku” Day, you will be able to see people praising each other online or on TV. That’s my idea.

I joined here in the hope that you all would know the value of “Ho-Me-I-Ku” method. Would you like to join our movement?

Finally, I have a dream.

I want to make this one of the guidelines for our Earth:

We are born and exist to praise each other.

Thank you.

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