A Roadmap to Financial Freedom: a solid strategy for building greater personal wealth

May 4, 2018 – London, UK – If achieving long-lasting financial security is one of your ambitions for 2018, a newly published book will help to keep you on the right track. ‘The Extraordinary New Venture Capital Opportunity – How to Invest Like A Pro’ is written by a successful London-based entrepreneur, Jagir Singh. This book sets out a solid strategy for building greater personal wealth, whether you’re already an investor or you need to raise money to start investing (he even shows you how to do that too)! All Jagir asks of his readers is that they’re willing to take a few calculated risks.

As recent research has shown, 96% of the UK population won’t have enough in savings to retire on at 65 and most will have to work for many years beyond retirement. Jagir says he wants to help individuals solve this problem by revealing the keys to building personal wealth plus the mind-set you need to be successful. Jagir said: “Anyone can learn how to invest like a pro and get on the road to financial freedom by choosing the right investment vehicles. There are some major trends occurring in the world today and I want to share my understanding of these and show readers how they can make really good returns with minimum risk.”

Numbers and people have always been two of Jagir’s passions. Brought up in London’s tough east end, he started his career as a mathematics teacher while at the same time studying the art of making money from some of the world’s most successful investors. Before long, he was trading currencies and becoming a recognized expert, including being quoted in the best-selling investment guide, ‘High Probability Trading Strategies’. Today he is a successful trader, investor, entrepreneur and public speaker. Jagir is also the owner of two branches of Educogym, a new type of gym franchise that takes a holistic approach to health and fitness. Inspiring people to transform themselves physically, mentally – and now financially – is the driving force in Jagir’s life. 

Over the course of eight, clearly written chapters, ‘The Extraordinary New Venture Capital Opportunity’ identifies key areas that readers must leverage to generate wealth. The book will help readers to better understand their own relationship with money, and it spells out simple, practical steps they can take to invest. Managing risk, developing a strategy and taking advantage of global trends are other areas covered by this fascinating and accessible book.

For more information or to order a copy of The Extraordinary New Venture Capital Opportunity, go to www.NewVcBook.com

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