A Different Way of Thinking, with the Professionals at Auxesia

A Different Way of Thinking, with the Professionals at Auxesia
Stuart Colligon, Expert Coach and Mentor´╗┐
Executive Coaching Goes Mainstream

GREAT BRITAIN – Over the past few years, executive coaching has become increasingly prevalent, and it shows no signs of slowing down. As its popularity grows, so will its predisposition to regulation. It may not seem to be the case right now whilst it feels like coach numbers are soaring, but finding good coaches, who are able to adapt well to increased regulation, is going to get much harder over the next few years. It’s for this reason that hard-working professionals, both on an individual and organizational basis, should find a good coach as soon as possible before their waiting lists get even longer. Thankfully, Stuart Colligon, expert coach, mentor, and Managing Director of Auxesia, is here to help.

Through Auxesia, Stuart has helped professionals from all walks of life all over the world for over ten years. With a special focus on boosting leadership skills, harnessing resources to the fullest, and boosting confidence and knowledge on both personal and professional levels. The key is through Stuart’s specialized coaching method, which places emphasis on understanding and developing a mindset.

Stuart’s knowledge and experience come from a storied 25-year career in which he managed a wide range of successful companies, several of which he founded too. Strategic direction, leadership development, change management, business development, and corporate communication are his key areas of expertise, and there’s no one better qualified to teach them. Stuart brings his positive attitude to his coaching methods, providing an effective mixture of experienced advice and optimism.

Despite what some may believe, coaching isn’t reserved for the elite, or for people with struggling businesses. In fact, executive coaching is accessible to everyone, and many successful professionals utilize it to reach new heights. No matter the level of experience a business professional has, there’s always more room for accountability, self-analysis, extra motivation, learning experiences, and peers who challenge them when necessary—and for this, there’s no better option than Stuart’s mindset-focused coaching program.

“We are here to challenge you, push you, and help you to move forward in your professional career,” Stuart says. “We want you to be the very best version of yourself and enable you to get the business results you crave. Our purpose is not to make you merely survive, but to help your business to thrive.”

Professionals interested in Stuart’s program can learn more at his website. A detailed list of his services can be found here, and more information about Auxesia can be found here. Stuart can also be contacted via email at info@auxesia.im.

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