A Decade of Excellence in Healthcare – The Journey of Pourang J. Nassi

Over the past fifteen years, Pourang J. Nassi has been a pivotal figure in transforming the landscape of healthcare through a series of innovative and successful projects. His strategic vision and dedication have not only redefined patient care standards but have also significantly contributed to the health sector’s growth in Burbank, Los Angeles, and beyond. We are proud to highlight Mr. Nassi’s remarkable journey and his ongoing impact on healthcare.

Burbank Medical Supply, Inc.: Revolutionizing Medical Supplies Distribution

Since taking the helm at Burbank Medical Supply, Inc., Mr. Nassi has orchestrated a comprehensive overhaul of the company. His strategic initiatives included purchasing and reconstructing the business, re-staffing, launching an extensive advertising campaign, and establishing a dynamic online presence with nationwide sales capabilities. Under his leadership, the company has seen an impressive 20% annual growth in gross sales. His efforts have solidified Burbank Medical Supply’s status as a key player in the medical supply industry, renowned for its efficient shipping, delivery systems, and strong relationships with health facilities and professionals in the Burbank and Los Angeles area.

Croft Living Home, Inc.: Setting New Standards in Residential Care

Mr. Nassi’s vision extended into residential care with Croft Living Home, Inc., where he played a crucial role in brokering and securing lease agreements, overseeing construction to meet rigorous health and accessibility standards, and managing the lengthy licensing process. His dedication resulted in the establishment of a state-of-the-art residential care home equipped with advanced facilities such as a 20klv generator. This project marked the beginning of a broader initiative, leading to the licensing and operation of four additional CHLFs, which were ultimately sold in a lucrative package deal to a nationwide operator in 2017.

Supportive Hospice.: Enhancing End-of-Life Care

In the realm of hospice care, Mr. Nassi’s leadership in acquiring and developing Supportive hospice has been transformative. His strategic approach encompassed securing lease agreements, navigating the purchase of the corporation, and overseeing a meticulous licensing and accreditation process. His efforts in staffing, implementing an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, and forging partnerships for patient referrals have positioned Supportive Hospice among the top 25% most profitable hospice companies in California as of 2022.

A Legacy of Innovation and Care

Pourang J. Nassi’s contributions to the healthcare industry are a testament to his visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence. His projects have not only enhanced the quality of care but have also introduced efficiencies and innovations that serve as a model for healthcare enterprises nationwide. He is contributing a lot to Supportive Home Health with his unmatchable skills and hard work. 

As we look to the future, we are excited to witness the continued impact of Mr. Nassi’s endeavors on the healthcare landscape. His journey reflects a deep-seated dedication to improving lives and a strategic acumen that propels the industry forward.

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About Pourang J. Nassi

Pourang J. Nassi is a visionary leader and innovator in the healthcare industry, with over fifteen years of transformative contributions. His strategic acumen and dedication have led to significant advancements in medical supply distribution, residential care, and hospice services. Nassi’s initiatives have consistently improved care standards and operational efficiencies, notably through Burbank Medical Supply, Inc., Croft Living Home, Inc., and Supportive Hospice. His efforts have not only enhanced patient care but have also established him as a key figure in healthcare, driving growth and setting new benchmarks across California and beyond.

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