Spotlight on the Exhibition: Debut of NHU’s New Amino Acid Product for Enhanced Nutrition and Better Health

On March 20, NHU joined industry experts and leaders in Shanghai for the three-day Food Ingredients China (FIC 2024), which kicked off successfully at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), to discuss industry development opportunities in the realm of greater health.

NHU introduced its new amino acid products like L-serine, cystine, and L-cysteine, under the theme “Nutrition Upgrade, Health Plus” and showcased a variety of nutrients including vitamins and pigments, presenting our latest advancements in nutritional solutions aimed at empowering customers to generate greater value.

NHU’s L-serine, cystine, and L-cysteine products, produced through bio-fermentation, have garnered recognition from numerous customers for their eco-friendly and natural qualities, exceptional purity (exceeding 99%), consistent particle size, and good dispersion.


Being produced by cells themselves, this amino acid boasts diverse functions including enhancing metabolism, combating cancer and diabetes, and finds extensive applications in both health food and pharmaceuticals.


Cystine is one of the key components for synthesizing proteins and upholding protein structure. It has multiple functions such as detoxification, promoting hair and nail health, and boosting immunity. It contributes to various applications such as cosmetics and food for special dietary use.


L-cysteine is an amino acid employed by cells across diverse tissues to defend against harmful substances and promote vitality. Cysteine and its derivatives find application in detoxifying liver poisoning, antipyretics and analgesics, and in aiding fatigue recovery. Additionally, they are utilized in bakery, flavoring, and medicine.

NHU’s exhibition booth attracted a lot of attention, drawing visitors and industry experts from around the globe for inquiries and exchanges. The sales team showcased the company’s industrial layout and future development plans to both Chinese and international customers and partners, presenting a favorable corporate image. They engaged in discussions on market trends, supply and demand dynamics, among other topics, to gain deeper insights into customers’ evolving needs and preferences regarding product quality and services. Customers gave positive comments on NHU’s integrated approach of production, marketing, and research, advantages in global distribution, strong product competitiveness and brand influence, which set a solid groundwork for NHU’s expansion into domestic and international markets.

With increasing consumer consciousness towards health and a growing demand for healthier lifestyles and nutritional offerings, the outlook for the health industry appears optimistic. NHU aims to leverage professional expertise, advanced technologies, and top-notch services to proactively construct a healthy dietary matrix, delivering superior products and solutions for a wide range of users. Collaborating with upstream and downstream partners, NHU endeavors to collectively drive the high-quality advancement of the nutrition industry, striving towards a brighter future characterized by “Nutrition Upgrade, Health Plus” for all.

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