2Posh2Pull Meets Soaring Demand for Anti-Pull Dog Head collars & Dog Lead That Stops Pulling Amidst Recent Breed Ban Announcement

2Posh2Pull Meets Soaring Demand for Anti-Pull Dog Head collars & Dog Lead That Stops Pulling Amidst Recent Breed Ban Announcement
Dog Lead That Stops Pulling, No Pull Collar for Dogs
As the ban on American XL bully dogs looms, 2Posh2Pull steps up with custom anti-pull dog head collars, meeting the large demand for a humane, effective solution. Unique, stylish design, dogs can walk in safety while expressing their style and being comfortable. Big dogs can be controlled much more effectively whilst using these head collars, which helps with both the public places of the XL Bully and keeping the dog under full control and minimising the potential risk of any aggressive behavior

Kent – 17 October, 2023 – In the wake of the recent announcement of a potential ban on American XL bully dogs, the demand for muzzles, dog leads that stop pulling, and proper training classes has seen a remarkable surge. Businesses specialising in dog muzzles have reported an overwhelming influx of orders and requests for guidance, while numerous dog training organisations have stepped up to offer free muzzle training for XL bully owners.

As per source, sales of bully muzzles have quadrupled in the last week. Shop owners had been absolutely inundated, staying up until midnight answering emails from clients because they were worried and scared. No one is sure what is going to happen next, but people are trying to get ahead of the curve, and they want to make sure they’ve got a muzzle their dog is comfortable in and doesn’t make them more aggressive.

As the situation evolves, “2Posh2Pull” has become a beacon of reassurance for concerned dog owners, providing a humane solution to both curb excessive pulling and give owners full control of their large breed dogs.

The recent announcement from the UK’s chief veterinary officer, Christine Middlemiss, outlines a potential amnesty period preceding the ban, during which XL bully owners will be required to register their pets, have them neutered and microchipped, and keep them leashed and muzzled in public. The exact details of this registration process and the timeline for the new rules have yet to be revealed.

In response to this growing demand for humane restraint solutions, 2Posh2Pull is offering a custom-made no pull collar for dogs. These unique head collars provide dog owners with greater control over their boisterous pets without causing harm or discomfort. Traditional collars can place immense pressure on a dog’s throat, which can lead to injuries, particularly in smaller breeds. With the 2Posh2Pull head collar, when the dog tries to pull or lunge towards something, a gentle even pressure is distributed across the dog’s head and muzzle, which immediately discourages the unwanted behaviour. The pressure is then released as soon as they stop pulling, which quickly teaches them to walk nicely. Although 2Posh2Pull does not provide muzzles, the anti-pull dog head collar will certainly help an owner have more control over their pet when out for a walk.

What sets the 2Posh2Pull anti-pull dog head collar apart is its thoughtful design. It features a double-layer fleece-lined figure-eight section, which is gentle on the dog’s sensitive face and connects to the lead via a pull tight section at the back of the head.

One of the standout features of the 2Posh2Pull head collar is the range of customisation it offers. Dog owners can choose from a wide variety of fleece colours and fabric patterns, allowing their furry friends to express their individuality with these handcrafted products.

“The 2Posh2Pull anti-pull dog head collar is designed to strike the perfect balance between comfort and control, ensuring your dog can enjoy the fresh air during strolls while being safe and well-behaved,” says the owner of 2Posh2Pull.

As owners of XL bully dogs and other breeds grapple with the uncertainty surrounding the potential ban, the company is committed to providing a safe, effective, and stylish solution to help ensure the well-being and comfort of dogs and their owners.

About 2Posh2Pull

2Posh2Pull is a company dedicated to providing dog owners with custom-made anti-pull dog head collars that offer the perfect balance of comfort and control. Their products are designed to ensure that dogs can enjoy their walks without excessive pulling, while being safe and well-behaved. With a wide range of fleece colors and fabric patterns to choose from, their anti-pull dog head collars allow your furry friend to express their individuality. If you’re looking for a dog lead that stops pulling, 2Posh2Pull has the perfect solution for you.

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