2D Character Creation Will Soon Be Made Simple by Mango Animate

2D Character Creation Will Soon Be Made Simple by Mango Animate

Mango Animate CM introduces users to an optimized 2D character creation experience.
As Mango Animate has plans to roll out new software, businesses can look forward to a fast and efficient 2D character creation.

Mango Animate’s 2D character creation software provides an easy way for businesses to connect with their audiences. By using an animated character to tell a story, viewers will be more engaged and eager to learn more about a product or service. Mango Animate CM makes the entire character animation process simple, allowing anyone to build a character from scratch or upload a PNG or PSD file for more personalized character creation.

When a fun mascot represents a brand, its message will be more likely to resonate with an audience. With Mango Animate CM, users can bring their mascot to life by adding bones, editing poses, and applying dynamic animations. If a business doesn’t yet have a mascot, they can develop one within the 2D character creation software. After selecting a professionally designed character template, users can customize it with accessories, clothing, hair, and much more. All pre-made characters are fully rigged and ready to be put in motion on screen.

Using Mango Animate CM to illustrate a story for an audience shows them exactly how a product or service works, rather than leaving them guessing. People don’t have the time or interest in deciphering a boring or convoluted advertisement. Mango Animate CM recognizes that and ensures its users can develop strong stories with the help of a 2D character creation.

A cartoon character can explain precisely how a service can translate into someone’s daily life. When a potential customer has a visual representation of how a business can help them, they are much more likely to engage with the video and want to learn more. With Mango Animate CM’s intuitive Ik (Inverse Kinematic) feature, 2D character creation is more natural and logical. Even business owners who have no prior animation experience can trust Mango Animate CM to assist them in developing a realistic character to represent their brand in the most professional light.

Businesses can spend their time focusing on additional marketing strategies, as Mango Animate CM allows them to get the 2D character creation done quickly. Aside from the easy-to-use templates, the software operates with simple drag and drop motions. Whatever asset a creator needs, whether it’s a facial expression or body movement, it can quickly be applied to the animated character.

“A cartoon character can add personality to your brand through your digital marketing efforts,” says Mango Animate CMO Ken Glenn. “Our software is the fastest, most cost-effective way to build a 2D character to represent your business.”

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