2020 Adult Dating: What Are The Different Sides Of The Same Coin?

Being one of the most affluent among the other digital industries, adult dating is expected to be as boomy in the future, up to the year 2024, as the experts’ forecasts emphasize. We’re going to disclose some of the data related to the casual dating industry, so that we’d be able to prove the sturdy development tendency of the branch.

No one would ever argue that the abundance of the casual dating services is directly tied in with the abnormally high demand rates. Yes, it may seem to be an advantage to deprive one of scrutinizing a cohesive disadvantage — like the other side of the coin — that crops up. The diversity of the websites for adult dating and one night sex may and does result into a batch of the fake, scam, and illegal options.

What can one do with it and how one can put strings in this case? HookupGeek, one of the most reputable investigators of the market, has already created something like a virtual lab not only to review the casual dating sites but also to observe the core development vectors.

HookupGeek’s Vision

To gauge the situation on the adult dating market and to deliver the best recommendations, Hookupgeek is into the most profound investigation of each particular brand. Besides, the market-related data always assists in better understanding of the key processes. In such a way, it’d be not that complicated to ensure that the dating opportunities on the web can be found to germinate the most expected outcomes!

Such vision is, as a matter of fact, determined by the most recent trends in the industry, and, thus, being studied assiduously, grow into the science of picking up the best web dating opportunities. In addition, because of the fact that dating is currently a business, the plausibility of the dating platforms causes a plenty of questions. By analyzing the casual dating market-related statistics, it’d be possible to recognize which offers are better to use and which are to be omitted.

HookupGeek’s Analysis Of Dating Industry In Digits

In compliance with eminent sources and salt-of-the-earth reports, it is possible to exhibit some veracious data on the financial situation. As noted, dating lab gets into analysis of the data, and that’s what they obtained when studying the stats provided by Statista,    

  • The overall rate of Casual Dating segment revenue is forecast to increase up to US$725 million in 2020;
  • To stem in a market volume of US$830 million by 2024, the mentioned index of the online dating market revenue is to show an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.4% in 2020–2024;
  • The average revenue per user (ARPU) of the casual dating industry currently eventualizes to US$11.77.
  • Globally, the United States has the biggest market share and the most revenue of US$234 million is expected to have been generated by the end of 2020.

These digits represent a direct proof that the casual dating market is going to be roaring in the future! Nevertheless, no one could’ve been able to issue any stronger guarantees!

More Stats Analysis By HookupGeek

The number of the dating apps and sites tends to grow, as well, and it is a sign of the geometric progression! In compliance with the Statista report on “Percentage of online users in the United States who have or know someone who has met a romantic partner on a dating website or app as of January 2019” the results of the questionnaire appeared to be as follows:

  • Percentage of those who said they’d tried dating apps is 17%;
  • Percentage of those who know someone uses apps for dating is 30%;
  • Percentage of those who neither used nor know someone to use the dating apps is 40% (the biggest rate);
  • Those who responded ‘don’t know’ are 13%; and
  • 4% preferred not to disclose these data.

You can see these results depicted on the graph.


The gender ratio of the online dating services’ users is also another factor carrying a lot of weight. In compliance with the stats provided by Statista in the report on age, gender, and income categories of the casual dating apps users, the following information is known,

  • 18–24 y.o. age category comprises 19% of the dating apps users;
  • 25–34 y.o. age group includes 45% of the dating apps users;
  • 35–44 y.o. age cluster incorporates 23% of the dating apps users;
  • 45–54 y.o. age class combines 10% of the dating apps users; and
  • 55–65 y.o. age division makes room for 3% of the dating apps users.

You can see the graph below to visualize the data obtained.


Herein, the number of the female users is just 25%, while the males prevail, and their percentage is 75%. Because of this, there is no balance when searching a partner for the adult entertainment and romance. Evidently, it’d be referred to as another negative point to work on to fix up.


These data exposed in the article point to two essential conclusions to be made. The first is that the industry of online casual dating is rapidly cultivating, which results in the income measured at millions dollars. The second aspect in this case is that the credibility of the dating platforms on the Internet may cause much irritation, as not all of them are trustworthy. These sides of the same coin would always force you to be attentive, but still this extra attention may prevent you from the main thing you needed, dating.

The solution is, in fact, evident: you are most welcome to participate in the industry of adult dating as a user but be a responsible dater, since you may easily undergo scam. Hence, by reading the conceivable adult dating sites reviews by the professionals like HookupGeek, you will protect yourself and will never come across any unpleasant experiences.

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