1929 Mask Pte Ltd Launches Reusable Fabric Mask That Repels Bacteria And Kills Any Microbes

March 20, 2020 – Due to the current outbreak of coronavirus epidemic, 1929 Mask launches new reusable mask that instantly destroys bacteria at contact. These masks actively kill more than 99% of bacteria,  microbes and provides excellent protection to everyone who uses it. 1929 Mask has also been clinically tested and proven to be effective against bacteria, microbes and even tougher against coronavirus. Furthermore, 1929 Mask also has three layers with the outermost layer being water repellent, the center layer is antimicrobial, and the innermost layer is moisture-wicking that has been designed to keep the user comfortable. Each layer in the mask has undergone rigorous, individual testing and is certified safe and effective. 

According to Center for Disease Control (CDC), over 197,000 presumptive and confirmed cases of coronavirus had been established worldwide since January 21, 2020. CDC then advises that everyone must take necessary precautionary actions by using masks, such as 1929 Mask, that kills bacteria at first contact. It is then believed that with the proper use of 1929 masks, everyone would get a chance to protect themselves against coronavirus. 

One thing that distinct masks made by 1929 Mask Pte Ltd from every other usual masks is the fact that It is efficient and eco-friendly. That makes it a perfect solution which reduces the stress on the existing supply of face mask in the healthcare system. This means that 1929 masks allow the surgical masks to be left to the emergency personnel and Hospitals. It also de-escalates the pressure which high demands put on hospitals masks. At 1929 Mask Pte Ltd, the company places a premium on human safety hence trying to ensure that people get to safeguard themselves against any airborne virus or bacteria. 

“While it’s common in some countries to observe individuals donning masks in public to protect against pathogens, those masks help little in a virus. Those masks are not designed to keep out viral particles and they’re not as fitted around the nose and cheeks,” said Kennon Lee, the public relation officer of 1929 Mask. “However, 1929 Mask check all boxes –  it is medically safe for users and kills bacteria at contact.” He concluded  

1929 Mask Pte Ltd uses technology and design that allows its masks to:

  • Highly Water Repellant
  • Actively Eliminate >99% of Bacterias & Microbes
  • Prevents Cross Contamination & Infections
  • Silver & Microcapsules Free
  • Non-Toxic, Sustainable & Eco-Friendly
  • Extremely Comfortable To Wear
  • Active Ingredients Last More Than 100 Washes

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