10th WCHPS Attended by Plethora of Dignitaries, Humanitarians and Spiritual Gurus

“A conglomeration of Spiritual Gurus, Dignitaries and great Humanitarians of the world!”

For almost a decade now, SREI and Kanoria Foundation have been successfully conducting the highly acclaimed World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality (WCHPS), one of the leading interfaith Forums in the world which aims to transform our world into a “spiritual world”.

Last December 22 and 23, 2017, the 10th WCHPS was held at the newly inaugurated Westin Hotel in Kolkata, which is also owned by the SREI group, a perfect venue for a global gathering of this magnitude.

Among the Chief Guests were: Former President of India – H.E. Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Governor of West Bengal – Hon. Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi, Governor of Tripua – Hon. Shri Tathagata Roy, Former President of Ecuador – H.E. Rosalia Arteaga Serrano, Founder of We Care for Humanity, H.H. Princess Maria Amor  and many more dignitaries and diplomats from the Government of India and other nations.

Dr. Hari Prasad Kanoria, the founder and chairman of the WCHPS and also the great man behind the conglomeration of giant institutions like the Kanoria Foundation and SREI Group of Companies gracefully delivered his welcome address, “I welcome you all to the Tenth World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality. I extend my gratified thanks to all for gracing the confluence. Your deliverance and presence will promote spirituality, humanity, peace, harmony, unity in diversity, hard work with devotion selflessly with righteousness, truthfulness, simplicity, austerity, cooperation and the realization of God abiding within all beings.”

The confluence which revolved around Spirituality had several topics and garnered popular quotes from the eminent speakers. Among them were:

  • “Our country is steeped in spirituality since time immemorial. The age-old Vedas have taught us to invoke self-study. The studies of the past have lasted us for thousands of years. Introspection leads us to spirituality”, delivered by Hemant Kanoria, son of HP Kanoria and Chairman of SREI.
  • According to the Former President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee: “Spirituality unfolds humanity is a thought of utmost relevance in current times. Spirituality is one of the most intellectual as well as simple concept to embrace in our lives. We’ve been blessed with great spiritual leaders.”

  • From Suni Kanoria, another son of Kanoria and one the Chief Executives of SREI: “The power is within us, we just need to recognize it. As a corporate, we should choose to imbibe the spiritual power within us and use the same in our everyday practices.”

  • Princess Dr. Maria Amor, Chairman of Global Order of Dignitaries and Philanthropists (G.O.D.) Awards on the topic of Spirituality in Exponential World: “How do we manage Spirituality in exponential world? How do make sure there is balance, that we choose right over wrong, that despite of exponential growth in human intelligence, we find meaning, purpose, hope, comfort, inner peace, happiness, joy and security? My answer is, we need SPRITUAL LEADERSHIP. And this is what Dr. Kanoria and SREI foundation are doing, SPRITUAL INVESTMENT, Investing for SPRITUAL GROWTH To build a SPRITUAL WORLD.” Amor ended her speech by sharing a famous from by a French Priest and Philosopher: Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

  • Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi, Hon’ble Governor of West Bengal on the topic on India’s Strength in its Spirituality shared: “Spirituality needs to be included in board rooms and workplaces; that’s the need of the corporate world today. This Confluence will ensure devotion, righteousness & self-governance at work.”

  • “Respect the nature! This will empower us to stop the negative impact of climate change. Connect with nature to understand the essence of spirituality.”, said by Dr. M. Aslam Parvaiz on Spirituality and Nature – Climate Change.
  • H.E. Indresh Kumar, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh shared: “the person who can smile always and during difficult times, and, the one who can forgive, are the most powerful people in the world”.

  • “Make way for the ambulance pass” – a very thoughtful advice by Imam Umer Ahmed Ilyasi Saheb, Chief Imam, All India Imam Organisations, New Delhi.

  • “Essential plurality of India is one of the essence of Spirituality”, says Tathagata Roy, the Governor of Tripura.
  • The Shakti Of One was demonstrated by HH Pujya Swami Chidananda Saraswatijiand said: “We all are One”.

Finally, Mr. Rahul Varma, the President of WCHPS made a remark: We must concentrate on things that unite mankind rather than those that divide them. In the spirit of peace, charity and goodwill that pervades this Confluence. We have found that the human family shares a fundamental unity, and the respect of equality and dignity of every being. There is sacredness in every individual person and in the value of human community. Might is neither right nor the only solution. Love, compassion, selflessness and truth are greater power than hate, enmity and self-interest. We should be on the side of justice for the poor and offended, rather than being on the other side. Order always prevails over disorder and truth over untruth. It remains the task of this Confluence to bring home the values of enlightenment in practice as life’s journey within one’s own self, and through love and service to the society at large. This is only the beginning as we march ahead with the flag of our Confluence flying high to serve humanity.”

Speech of Dr. H.P. Kanoria at the Tenth World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality on 22nd December 2017

“Hon’ble Governor, Hon’ble Former President of Ecuador, Revered Religious Leaders, Respected Political Leaders, Eminent Guests and Speakers, Divine Brothers, Divine Sisters and Dear Divine Youth.

Good morning, Jai Hind, Jai Viswa!

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.

I welcome you all to the Tenth World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality. I extend my gratified thanks to all for gracing the confluence. Your deliverance and presence will promote spirituality, humanity, peace, harmony, unity in diversity, hard work with devotion selflessly with righteousness, truthfulness, simplicity, austerity, cooperation and the realization of God abiding within all beings.

We are all manifestations of God in various forms. God was alone. He said, “I am alone, let there be many” – “Ekoham Bahusyam “एकोहम बहुस्याम”

He is seated in the hearts of all beings. God is the force within us. We are all born as perfect and divine. Our souls which are parts of the universal soul are infinite and immortal. Universe is unity with diversity. Part of the universal soul is in all beings. So, there is no upper and lower class, no inferiority and superiority in men and women. All are equal. The only difference is of gender. All rivers flowing from several countries merge with the oceans and the oceans return water in the form of rain to nurture God’s creation. Lord Krishna said, “The entire universe has been manifested from my form. All beings are dependent on me, but I am not dependent on them”.

मया तत मिदं / Mayaa Tata Midam

Science has proved that physical individuality is a delusion. The sum total of cosmic energy is always the same. Science is in finding this unity. Its goal is to reach perfect unity. Physics discovers a single source of energy out of which all are created/manifested/ expanded/subdued. Chemistry’s goal is to discover one element out of which all others could be created. Manifestation not creation, is today in the world of science.

God is everywhere and in everything. Truth, eternal order, austerity, simplicity, hard work with devotion, humility and humanity uphold Mother Earth to give us bounty to live full span of life happily and united amidst diversity in grace free form ego. Religions of the world are mutually complementary and not contradictory. Conversion from one religion to another religion cannot lead one to salvation/liberation. The drive and urge for attaining salvation/liberation has to come from within. Own religion is one’s mother and other religions are sisters of mother as said by Paramhansa Sri Ramkrishna. Have the core belief in the oneness of all. 

Humanity is the essence of all religions. Spirituality ignites to work hard with devotion and righteousness to create wealth for the welfare of humanity. It is essential to work hard selflessly to provide basic needs of the increasing and growing population at a pace higher than that of current economic growth. Save Mother Earth, Not Fight, Assimilate, Not destroy. Bring harmony and peace, not dissention. Let the world have the cosmic co-operative spirit. Spirituality manifests divinity within us. It creates the international bondage, one family and one world.

I would like to narrate a story from The “Holy Vedas”. Demi Gods, Demi Goddesses and human beings were hollow and full of sorrow despite having all richness and bounty of nature. They approached the Supreme God, Lord Vishnu, who advised Demi Gods and Goddesses to have empathy, sympathy and kindness free of ego and for human beings to work hard with devotion and righteousness, selflessly, live with simplicity and austerity and share earnings and wealth with the poor without ego. Help them, assist them and you will live happily the full span of life following the path of spirituality.

Spirituality infuses the elements of balance and right living in the physical, mental and intellectual faculties of individuals. Intuition is developed. Life is then balanced. Paramhansa Sri Ramkrishna said “Service to Humanity is the worship of Lord Shiva (God)”. Jesus Christ said, “Only right in the world is to give, to serve. Be content to serve. Serve the world.” Swami Vivekananda said, “Do not neglect the living God, the man and the woman who are the infinite reflections of God.”

Let us march ahead with firmness and determination, keeping high the flag of humanity and spirituality to manifest the divinity, to overcome global hunger and global warming, to have harmony and peace, believing in the essence of all religions is cosmic co-operation and co-existence. God calls “O Children, realize all in one, one in all.”

Om, Amin, Amen, Ek Onkar, Ahura Mazda.”

*Dr. H.P. Kanoria, was honoured as the Global Man of the Year at the 3rd Annual Global Officials of Dignity (G.O.D.) Awards presented by We Care For Humanity (WCH) for his unparalleled efforts at propagating humanitarianism. Held between 5-7th August, 2015 at United Nations Headquarters, New York, the award was presented to Dr. Kanoria by Princess Maria Amor Torres, D.D. of Philippines, Founder / President – We Care For Humanity and Creator of the G.O.D. Awards in the assemblage of other globally-known dignitaries and ambassadors.

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