10 Dropshipping Tips for the New E-com Entrepreneur

Going into a new venture can be tough for anyone no matter how much experience they must have bagged in their previous endeavors, if it’s new people will definitely run into those ‘cry for help’ situations at some point. Dropshipping is no different, and as a matter of fact, people will come by tricky situations that will leave people asking peopleself where people have gone wrong with things. That’s why dropshipping  have put together this article that people can keep referring to whenever people hit such situations as a guide as well as a checklist for anyone who has just started their dropshipping venture or is about to start their dropshipping journey.

If people are new to the dropshipping scene and reading this with all intent, dropshipping guess is people have waited long enough to start something worthwhile having seen other people on social media platforms talking about how they have made good fortunes from dropshipping and as a matter of fact, the media has been littered with brags, noise, and sometimes good information as well. The cloud of hype and noise in the media might make people feel that people have arrived late at the scene, but this is a hugely wrong assumption as the dropshipping phenomenon is still very much at its glow days and will even get better and better in the next years to come as e-commerce growth is not likely to slow in another 10 years to come. So if people come with some wit into the game people have a huge chance to burst into the scene and make fortunes like other e-commerce entrepreneurs have been doing the past few years. Trust me this can be way more fun than most of people current pastime activities. So let’s get into the thick of things with these tips for starters.


Dropshipping is a business model and has been there for more than 25 years now. I’m sure that surprises people, but that’s a fact it is not new, and smart business people have been using this model in some form even way before the internet. However, internet and web technologies have enabled e-commerce to a point that a lot of other business models are now possible and old business models have now adopted web technologies to innovate. Dropshipping just happens to be one of such business models that have innovated on the innovations of technologies atop eCommerce. So first see people self as a business before people think too much of the model.

The new dropshipping model allows e-commerce entrepreneurs to sell hundreds of millions of different products across different markets in the world without having to hold stock (that is buy in bulk and store in a warehouse) of the products and without having to step foot the markets where these products are sold. These products are sourced over the internet, sold over the internet, and delivered to customers using third-party services that allow the entrepreneur to sit back and manage the operations from the comfort of their space. Amazingly enough, the drop shipper can own a product and brand without ever setting foot in the factory where the product is made. This is the reason why this model greatly enables entrepreneurs to easily start an e-commerce venture and thrive. Sounds simple, but it does take some bit of work though and dropshipping will expand on that here for the start-up drop shipper.

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