Zylobuds Inc. to launch the first ever Automatic translation earbud

Innovative technology solutions provider, Zylobuds Inc., announces the launch of the Worlds first Most Advanced Waterproof Automatic translation earbud – zylofon earbuds

Zylofon earbuds are the latest innovative solution offered by technology-driven solutions provider, Zylobuds Inc., offering the world the first ever Automatic translation earbud with amazing features that stand it out from any other earbud on the market. The automatic language translation earbud basically signals the dawn of a new beginning in the translation field and the eventual launch will definitely set the market on fire.

Language translation can sometimes be a hectic task not only for diplomats and other such persons that travel across the globe for a different purpose but also for people that meet people from different parts of the world and require communicating in several international languages. Unfortunately, people in such situations have had to rely on expensive resources, which include having a translator or apps that do not accurately translate the language to ensure effective communication. This is where Zylobuds Inc. is looking to make a difference with the launch of the Zylofon waterproof buds.

Zylofon can translate 35 languages with just simple taps on the earbud that allow users to share the earbud with guests to have the perfection conversation, with waterproof feature allowing users to enjoy the earbuds while in the shower or taking a swim in the pool.

The wireless buds are designed with HiFi Sound quality to ensure that users can hear the words that are being translated without having to strain their ears. The 100 ft distance wireless earbuds also offer flexibility and liberty, allowing users to pick calls, play music, and do other activities with their wireless buds life within a 100 Feet listening distance.

The ergonomic fit earbud is also designed to offer comfort to users, unlike many other brands of earbuds that causes pain to the ear, the long battery earbuds can be used for long hours without any feeling of discomfort. The earbud is designed to offer the same level of comfort as a hearing aid, sitting in the ear and translating over 30 international languages.

The noise cancelation feature also ensures that the highest possible quality of sound is received by listeners. The Bluetooth 5.0-enabled automatic translation earbud with automatic pairing is available in different colors including white, red, and black, ensuring that everyone has something that fits his or her taste or preference.

Interested persons can also sign up for pre-launch of the project on Indiegogo – https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/zylofon-the-alpha-language-translator-earbud/coming_soon/ to get 71% early bird discount and first 1000 backers when its launched will get free wireless chargers.

Orders for the innovative earbuds can be done here. More information about zylofon earbuds and other amazing solutions from Zylobuds Inc. can be found on their website and Facebook.

About Zylobuds Inc

Zylobuds Inc is an innovative company that aims to offer technology-driven solutions to the world. The company recently announced plans to release its waterproof translation earbuds to suit the needs of users across the globe, allowing users to listen to music and receive calls with ease.

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