ZT Club talks to LKC CEO Nguyen Trong Nguyen: LKC soars like a phoenix

On August 17th at 10:00 Singapore time, Nguyen Trong Nguyen, CEO of Lucky Coin, was invited to ZT Club Live to share LKC with users and talk about the value vision of LKC.

At the beginning of the live broadcast, Nguyen Trong Nguyen gave a brief introduction to LKC, a token project launched by Phoenix Platform dedicated to bringing revenue and luck to its users.

In short, the LKC was created for application in the very fast growing industry sector of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) for airborne transportation of cargo and passengers, thus changing the future of transportation.

The layout of the global eVTOL field has been quietly unfolding.

With the booming development of technology and blockchain, eVTOL has also seen rapid development. It is understood that the eVTOL market is currently valued at more than $4 trillion, and the number of projects engaged in eVTOL development worldwide has more than reached 260. Among them are some important global airlines and air courier companies, such as AIRBUS, BOEING, Airbus, Bell, Embraer, Walmart, Amazon, UBER, LIFT and other globally renowned companies.

Global eVTOL competition is on the horizon. lKC is currently focused on the transportation of cargo for high-value products such as semiconductors, chips, smartphones and devices, pharmaceuticals, antiviral drugs, etc.

The huge market for high manufacturing industries is attracting LKC to move steadily forward. Currently, LKC already has real and reliable cargo transportation applications at the eVTOL level, and will deploy globally in 2023 to drive the eVTOL industry in the global arena.

Currently, LKC will layout to be listed in DEX or CEX, especially CEX.

“It is because of the strong bullishness on LKC that we will increase the layout of CEX listing in the future, especially the well-known first-tier exchanges.”

Nguyen Trong Nguyen said.

LKC is currently listed on ZT. Users who are very optimistic about the eVTOL space and want to hold the coin can buy it on ZT.

Together, we expect LKC to soar like a phoenix.

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