Z-LOC To Release His Latest Rap Singles

His New Album Autopsy Is Available Online

December 16, 2016 – Rap artist Z-LOC has released his latest singles online. These are off of Autopsy, his newest album from Feel Good Entertainment, the label that he founded for his music.

The songs Geekin and Pain are available for DJ preview at Digital DJ Pool. The songs Never Had Shit and Bout Dat Shit are also available on Soundcloud for streaming.

His new album will be released on January 10, 2017.

Z-LOC is based out of the eastern Texas town of Lufkin a little more than a hundred miles north of Houston. He was originally in a rap group called 3rd Coast Gs. Z-LOC is aiming to change the world and to make a difference in the rap scene.

Z-LOC was raised in a difficult community filled with crime. He struggled with trying to live a normal life when he was young as he was often getting into fights and drugs. When he was twelve years of age, he was on probation for burglary. It was not long after that when he started performing freestyle rap as a means of finding an escape from the turmoil and difficulties of his world.

Throughout the rest of his school years, he became more popular for being a great rapper as his skills were always improving. He eventually joined 3rd Coast Gs and performed in a few shows with them. Eventually, he got into the music industry as a writer and producer and started working on his own material.

This has all culminated in Autopsy, his newest album. Z-LOC raps about his life and struggles and his desire to get clean and to influence other people. He feels that being able to rap as well as he can is a true god-given talent that he needs to use to make a true difference.

His music can be found online through Digital DJ Pool and Soundcloud. His music is also streaming on his website and is available for purchase. He can be heard online at gmtradio.com during the website’s Wednesday rap program. Z-LOC also tours around the state of Texas and performs shows on a regular basis although most of those shows are in the Houston area.

About Feel Good: Feel Good Entertainment LLC is a Lufkin, Texas-based label operated by Z-LOC. The label specializes in rap music and focuses on music production.

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