ZLM Crafter creates affordable AAA quality role-playing games

ZLM Crafter creates affordable AAA quality role-playing games
Innovative game development company, ZLM Crafter, announces the launch of “BLINK CAM” and “ZLM Crafter,” two remarkably cheap yet quality interactive games

It is looking like the dawn of a new beginning for game lovers in different parts of the world as ZLM Crafter has again reiterated their goal of providing the best possible experience to game enthusiasts with the creation of two role-playing games. The team of game enthusiasts led by Gelander Zeck is not resting on its oars as it continues its pursuit of seemingly disrupting the tech industry with innovative yet affordable solutions.

The multi-billion-dollar gaming industry has witnessed a series of evolution over the years, with stakeholders from different categories contributing their quota to the development of the market and ensuring that the diverse needs of consumers are satisfied. This has led to the influx of different brands and game developers, making the market even more dynamic and highly competitive. While this development seems encouraging on the peripheral, studies have revealed that the needs of consumers have not been met effectively as the available products are either exorbitantly priced or fail to deliver the desired experience. This is where ZLM Crafter is looking to make a difference with their range of affordable yet quality gaming solutions.

Blink Cam is one of the latest projects from the team, creating a seemingly unprecedented experience that takes players on an amazing ride of role-playing through the lens of a camera. The game is interactive and educating, as it helps players to explore different worlds to learn the complete story.

There is also ZLM Crafter, which is another role-playing involving the player and a robot – the protagonist. The game requires players to find the truth in two different worlds – the real world and the virtual world.

Both games were developed by the team lead, Gelander Zeck, with the digital media expert and gaming enthusiast putting in his creativity to help millions of people across the globe enjoy their devices with amazing games without having to break the bank. The games have a user-friendly yet captivating interface with a very detailed texture to provide the best possible gaming experience to players.

For more information about ZLM Crafter and the innovative works from the team, please visit – https://zlmcrafter.com/. ZLM Crafter and the team members also have a relatively strong presence on social media and can be found on YouTube and Instagram.

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ZLM Crafter is a team of game developers led by digital media expert, Gelander Zeck. The Hong Kong-based group is poised with providing game lovers with an amazing experience by offering a wide range of AAA-rated yet affordable games.

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