zkSync Era mainnet is now live, and WEB3BOX airdrop has begun

Recently, zkSync Era mainnet went live, and the number of users continues to increase. According to data, as of writing, the number of single addresses on zkSync Era has exceeded 200,000, and over 48,000 ETH have already crossed over to zkSync Era’s mainnet. The launch of zkSync Era marks the formal entry of cryptography into the zkEVM era, which is a historic moment. 

zkSync Era mainnet is now live

For zkSync, the launch of the Era mainnet is the first step in their phased rollout plan. At present, it can be considered an Alpha version, but its infrastructure and core components have laid a solid foundation for its future development. Currently, users can bridge to the mainnet and interact with some of the projects that have gone live.Compared to Optimistic Rollups, zkSync allows users to bridge and withdraw funds faster. Optimistic Rollups require a 7-day wait time. In the future era of multi-Rollups, users will interact with multiple L2 solutions, and the faster and more stable performance of zkSync will be critical.

Compared to the existing ZKevm, zkSync has made some architectural choices, such as deciding to “manage data availability by publishing updates to the storage slots involved in each transaction.” This may not mean much to non-technical people, but it provides some properties:

1. Data availability:

Users do not have to pay data call fees for their transaction inputs; they only have to pay for zkproofs (which is cheaper). This allows users to have very large transaction inputs and process large amounts of data, which may be important for many use cases.

2. Data compression: With Optimistic Rollups, users must pay for data availability for each individual oracle update, which is the most scarce resource shared by all Rollups. There is only one limited data availability bandwidth on Ethereum, which must be shared on L1 regardless of Rollup scalability. However, with the emergence of zkSync, the ability to pay the final price for a single storage slot at the end of a large batch of transactions has been achieved.

3. Data scalability:

Using zkPorter – a variant of the Validium system – some data does not need to be published on Ethereum, which may be significant for certain use cases where users only need to ensure the validity of Ethereum transactions. zkPorter will allow users to choose between “zkRollup accounts with the highest security and a 20x reduction in costs compared to Ethereum” or “zkPorter accounts with stable transaction costs of only a few cents in different security modes,” which could be significant for users who conduct large amounts of transactions.

4. Compatibility with Ethereum:

zkSync Era supports source code EVM compatibility. Most projects deployed from the EVM chain do not need to change their source code, thus improving security and reducing errors and vulnerabilities.

5. Will transactions on zkSync be cheaper?

This will depend on the use case, but generally speaking, zkSync will have fees comparable to Optimistic Rollups. For some use cases, users will be able to pay zero fees because the contract will subsidize these transactions, thanks to account abstraction. From an economic perspective, this architecture makes sense for some protocols because they will subsidize the contract once for all users as they will reuse the same data availability storage.

In summary, zkSync is the first zkEVM to launch on mainnet, three days earlier than Polygon zkEVM. zkSync further improves the user experience in cryptography, as there are still some issues with L1 and Optimistic Rollups (for exchanging large amounts of money). zkSync will gradually become trustless: its team has had some trust dependencies from the beginning, and after the protocol is ready, the team will introduce a security council, but the security council is only a transition, and the dependency on trust will be further reduced by limiting the power of the security council. It can only freeze the protocol, not upgrade it, so the community can have a voice in governance, and introduce a soft fork mechanism within the community in case of disagreement, similar to Ethereum and Bitcoin.


WEB3BOX airdrop has begun

WEB3BOX is a completely innovative DeFi Mystery box project, funded and operated independently in the form of DAO by top blockchain teams in the crypto circle. Users can get digital currencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, $WT (WEB3BOX ecological token), as well as high-value NFTs such as Otherdeed, Sandbox, and Meebits in WEB3BOX.

The initial 3000 Genesis Mystery Boxes contain 15% of the total $WT, which is 1 billion, so 15% is 150 million. The Genesis Mystery Box can be opened with a minimum of 30,000 $WT and a maximum of 10 million $WT, with an estimated value of between 2500 USDT and 100,000 USDT. After the 3,000 Genesis Mystery Boxes are sold out, $WT will be listed on the exchange, with an estimated price of 1 $WT = 0.1 USDT. The airdrop has been ongoing and 498 Genesis Mystery Boxes have been successfully sold.

Don’t miss this one in a million chance of being airdropped to WEB3BOX-PASS! Out of the 3 million users on OpenSea, only 10,000 wallets have been targeted for airdrops and once the 3,000 Genesis Mystery Boxes are sold out, all WEB3BOX-PASS will be automatically invalidated. The value of $WT will increase with the difficulty of acquisition, and early holders of $WT will enjoy the bonus of price appreciation. For those who are not airdropped to WEB3BOX-PASS, they can choose other mysterious Mystery boxes from WEB3BOX with 100% winning rate.

To ensure absolute fairness in the process of opening BOX, WEB3BOX will use a hash algorithm that cannot be reversed to ensure that the unboxing process is tamper-proof. The calculated value is the prize of this unboxing. For example: User A opens the WEB3BOX-Plus box, User A’s “My Seed” is “WEB3BOX”, the opening time point is UTC time 2023-03-03 06:01:23.563, corresponding timestamp 1677823283563, then use sha256 to calculate “WEB3BOX1677823283563”, the calculated hash value is 036b40c52a8f70b48ed4197dc4c36d181c1c208f78382ca1deb0497dce9ccf97;

Finally, take the first 5 digits of the hash value, 036b4, convert to decimal to get the prize value: 14004, if 14004 is within the range of OtherDeed’s prizes, User A will get the corresponding OtherDeed NFT.

Learn more: WEB3BOX.io

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