ZKONG’s ESL Technology Empowers DNS: Reshaping the Digital Journey of Retail Experience

Technology is leading us into the digital future, and digitalization is no longer an option, but an inevitable choice for survival and development. Recently, ZKONG’s authorized distributor in Russia, Datakrat, has deployed a full set of ZKONG’s cloud electronic shelf labels (ESL) solution for DNS in Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia. This helps to establish an omnichannel digital path online and offline, committed to creating a more convenient and better shopping experience for customers.

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About DNS Retail

DNS (Digital Network System), established in 1998, owns more than 2000 stores. It is a leading retail chain in Russia specializing in the sale of computers, electronic products, and household goods. As a computer hardware manufacturer, its products include laptops, tablets, and smartphones. As a leading enterprise in the electronics and appliance industry, DNS faces a series of challenges such as intense market competition, rapid product updates, and frequent price fluctuations. Traditional paper price tags cannot meet its requirements for real-time price adjustments, precise positioning, and personalized displays. The ZKONG cloud ESL solution solves these problems, ensuring accurate and timely price information, providing consumers with a high-quality shopping experience.


Real-time price adjustments, activating retail momentum and quickly responding to market changes In the consumer electronics and appliance industry, product prices are often influenced by factors such as competition, promotional activities, and inventory, with frequent fluctuations. Therefore, real-time, accurate price information is crucial to respond to a rapidly changing market environment. The use of ZKONG cloud ESL allows DNS to implement instant price updates, enhancing flexibility and response speed, maintaining a competitive advantage in the increasingly competitive retail market. Employees can be freed from the cumbersome traditional paper price tag production and replacement tasks, thus providing customers with more valuable services, enhancing DNS’s rapid response to market changes.



Based on ZKONG’s true SaaS cloud architecture, the ESL solution can realize real-time synchronization of online and offline information through the cloud management platform. Whether in the online store or in the physical store, consumers can get the latest, most accurate product information. Such omnichannel information synchronization not only reduces consumer confusion, improves shopping efficiency, but also allows them to enjoy consistent, high-quality shopping experiences at any time, anywhere.

Insight into information, enhancing shopping perception and creating a rich shopping experience

In addition to providing real-time price information, ZKONG’s cloud ESL can also display multi-dimensional, all-round product information, such as detailed product parameters, inventory status, and promotional activities. This is particularly important for DNS in the electronics and appliance industry. It helps customers understand product performance more comprehensively, compare products of different brands and models, make wiser purchasing decisions, improve shopping efficiency, and enhance the shopping experience.


At the same time, the ZKONG cloud ESL solution is not only limited to price information display and management, its strong system extensibility can easily achieve deep integration with other digital systems, building an integrated retail information network. In this network, every product browse, every price adjustment, and every shopping transaction are precisely recorded, converted into valuable customer behavior data. By deeply mining and accurately analyzing these data, DNS can better understand consumer needs and behaviors, discover potential market opportunities, and optimize product strategies and service methods. This deep data insight and action insight undoubtedly provide a strong driving force for DNS’s business development.

Highly customized, showing brand personality and being adhering to green sustainable development

ZKONG has advanced production and R&D centers, supports flexible customization, and guarantees high-precision manufacturing of cloud price tags and wireless communication products. The selected ESL is laid out and designed according to DNS’s specific requirements to meet the display needs of various types of products in the store, maintain the neatness and consistency of the store, and enhance the overall aesthetics and professionalism of the store. The exquisite appearance design and excellent display effect of the electronic price tag reflect the personality of the DNS brand and also enhance the pleasure of shopping for consumers.


In addition, the application of electronic price tags further strengthens DNS’s commitment to sustainable development, enhancing the brand’s social responsibility image. Traditional paper price tags need to be changed frequently, which not only consumes a lot of paper but also leads to overuse of ink. These seemingly small behaviors accumulate and their impact on the environment cannot be ignored. The application of the ESL solution significantly reduces the consumption of these resources. With just one device, all information can be updated in real time, without frequent replacements. It not only improves operational efficiency but also reduces the burden on the environment.

In summary, ZKONG’s cloud ESL solution deeply meets DNS’s needs in price management, product information display, and customer experience enhancement, realizing a comprehensive upgrade of the digital store. In the future, ZKONG will continue to promote the digital process of the retail industry, provide more high-quality and competitive solutions for global users, improve consumer experience, and advance the digital transformation of the retail industry, endowing the retail industry with new vitality.

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