07 July, 2017 – London, UK – A renowned pop singer and music producer, Zizzo World also known as Sergiu has released a new single called ‘Little more.’ Zizzo World, born in Rezina, Rep. of Moldova (Eastern Europe) is an artist that had passion for music at his early age when he began writing his songs, even till now. He was formerly known as Serje Zizzo but got rebranded to Zizzo World which is now his profile name as an artist.

After much effort and hard work, he released this new single titled ‘Little More’. It was written by him and lyrics provided by Erica James.

According to the writer, Zizzo World, ’This song is about this world which is turning crazy and things turning upside down. The singer complained about life generally but was optimistic that it would be positive and better. Little More is a song that enlightens us of the cruelty of this world. We should never give up by doing little more and a little bit more’.

He further said, ‘It is just a new beginning to other markets, new territories (as I recently moved from Eastern Europe in London). Everything I made is from my heart, soul and passion for music.’

Other songs released by Zizzo are:

2006 – Lacrimi pe asfalt (Trimedial Music)

2009 – Try to be mine (Zizzo Music)

2013 – Chisinau (Zizzo & 3DRap)

2014 – Sexy (Zizzo & Smally Music Studio)

2016 – Hey Mami (Smally Music Studio & Abbey Road Studios)

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Little More is written by Zizzo World in London and lyrics are from Erica James (from US). The song is recorded in Manchester at SSR studios, recording engineer called Artur Corcodel, and mixed at Smally Music by Vitalie Catana. A catchy video will be released on 9th of July (Zizzo World birthday) on his official Vevo channel called Zizzo World. The Video shots were taken in London, directed by Ruslan Vrabie and edited by Kobzon Lab from Moldova.  One of the featuring character is his wife, Veronica and this is her first time in video music production.

To download ‘Little More’ song, visit:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2ArFUKSXRlJrvYzeqcv6V1

Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/little-more-single/id1254957950?ign-mpt=uo%3D4


Zizzo World is a music producer and artist from Moldova. He lives in London, UK where he completes all projects with his resources (music production, video production, PR and Marketing campaigns). Also, he has a small team (not all in the UK) that works with him at all song releases. He started from 2005 to record and release songs, not just for himself but also for different music artist, from various locations.

His development of this unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence. He grew up in a talented musical family and was always surrounded by different forms of music.

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