Feminine-oriented Fashion outfit, Zirachy is set to roll out a set of elegant, cutting-edge jumpsuits and clothing that make it easy to go to the bathroom.

February 25, 2019 – Zirachy’s jumpsuits are innovatively designed to combine sophistication and comfortability with bathroom functionality.

Natasha, the founder of Zirachy said she started the elegant female clothing-line after talking to some of her friends who love the convenience of wearing a jumpsuit but hate the functionality of it when it’s time to go to the bathroom.

“This got me thinking about different types of clothing and their functionality so I decided to go searching for bathroom-friendly jumpsuits,” Natasha said.

Zirachy Jumpsuit

“To my surprise, there were only 2 stores that sold jumpsuits that were only remotely bathroom friendly and they were limited in sizing and stock,” she added.

All Zirachy jumpsuits are designed with zippers at the waist making them easily detachable for bathroom functionality. The company also takes special care to deliver the outfit to buyers in sophisticated packaging.

According to the company’s CEO, Zirachy’s outfits come in 6 different designs.

The first is called ‘Peerless’, which is said to represent a woman that knows what she wants and is a leader in her field of choice. The second design, called ‘Ruby’ represents the inner strength that resides within every woman. The third design is called ‘Rose’ and it represents the woman who possesses the strength of a warrior while the fourth design, called ‘Colleta’, represents a woman that seeks and enjoys adventures.

Zirachy also has a Postpregnancy jumpsuit with an innovative design that caters specifically to nursing mothers. The jumpsuits come with built-in belly support band to facilitate abdominal muscle control after childbirth and easy breastfeeding access. The sixth design, known as the ‘Boilersuit,’ is a trending piece for the season. Zirachy’s Boilersuit the only one in the market with easy bathroom functionality.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/MHBKTjn5GjM

According to Natasha, Zirachy does not only aim to make fashionable clothes, but it also wants to make practical clothing which is well designed chic and cutting edge.

“We want to change the status quo when it comes to the fashion world. Our motto revolves around the idea that fashion belongs to every woman regardless of size or shape. When women buy our jumpsuits it will be more than just a simple transaction instead we aim to provide a luxury shopping experience at reasonable prices,” Natasha said.

Through the campaign, Zirachy is aiming to launch a boutique line with special attention to catering for all women. The company is offering 10% cashback for people who share its campaign every time someone they refer makes an order.

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