ZIJIN International Congress of Aesthetic Surgery And Medicine

Zijin International Aesthetics and Medicine Joint Conference is one of the most authoritative industry conferences in the medical and aesthetic field, and it is also a well-known professional academic achievements exhibition summit in the Asia-Pacific region. The conference focused on “integrated cosmetic medicine, technical aesthetics services integrated photoelectrical injection surgery integrated doctor consultation and operation joint” to share the exchange, with “focus on the first 30 years of medical beauty review, the next 30 years outlook” as the theme, bringing together more than 200 medical and aesthetic industry curry, together to achieve the medical beauty “and” as your industry vision.

It is reported that the conference to aesthetic doctors, consultants, operation and management as three dimensions, covering technology, consulting, design, operation of the four major sectors, with the 7th Medical Design and Consulting Conference, the 14th National Medical Beauty Consulting Open Course and other dozens of academic forums, in the form of keynote speeches, competitions, round tables, etc., to share the international cutting-edge medical and aesthetic industry new products, new technologies, new methods, new ideas, attracted more than 2000 professionals from all over the country.

At this conference, MEICET as a Skin Analysis Manufacturer will show new R&D ISEMECO Screen Digital Skin Detector and hot sell product of MC88 Facial Scanner Analysis.

ISEMECO Skin Analysis Device is World Debut Portrait Screen Skin Diagnosis System

• Skin Cloud Algorithm

• Visual data analysis

• Related product recommendation

• Online Product report query

• Customer information Management

• Unlimited cloud storage

• High-level UI interact design

• Our team quickly responsd to the market & software iteration is rapid

• 10’s opteating system, more stable

MC88 Ipad Facial Skin Analysis is an essential tool for any Spa, Dermatologists, Aesthetic clinics, Cosmetic clinics and Skin care companies and so on.

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