Zenbility V8 plus projector – where portability meets mind blowing projector capabilities


USA – 22 August, 2017 – Most projectors these days are very bulky, slow and poor in functionality, and this often times result in a delayed presentation, poor quality presentation and even ruined presentations. Only Zenbility’s projector models combine class with high-quality functionality.

Zenbility’s V8 Plus Mini Projector is part of Zenbility’s newest flagship models for 2017. Built with an advanced Master Chip and lightning fast CPU system, the V8 Plus offers the highest definition available in the market with a stunning 4K DLP projector display and 3D projection capabilities, all in a compact premium aluminum design. The V8 is ultra slim, portable, and controllable from far ranges using the 6 Axis Air Mouse Remote. Plus, this projector runs with a lightning fast quad core processor projector speed (4-Core 1.4GHz projector) and runs as a 64-bit architecture projector. With these features, the V8 Plus is set to redefine what’s possible with a projector.

Some of this amazing projector’s awesome functionalities include:

• Big screen, stunning display with a screen range of 40″-200″, it Features a 1280×720 Native resolution with a 4K (4096 x 2160 Pixel) max compatibility for a stunning view.

• Wireless ready: Features 2.4 & 5GHz WIFI and Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility which is Complete with Web Browsing Feature and Access to Applications such as Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube.

• Clear sound: the V8 Plus features built-in 2X4W speakers for a clear, crisp sound.

• Easy control that helps Navigate the screen with just the swipe of hand using the included 6-Axis AirMouse Remote.

• A strong brightness of 2,000 Lumens and long lasting LED lamp life of 30,000+ hours.

Whether building a business, running an organization, leading a classroom, or simply watching a movie or video game, owners of this projector can relax knowing that they are using the finest technology. With premium materials on the outside and today’s finest electronics on the inside, Zenbility’s V8Plus 4K (4096x 2160 Pixel) 3D Slim Mini projector delivers the integrated solutions needed all wrapped up in one professional package.

Get this fascinating product for $399.00 by visiting  https://www.zenbility.com/products/zenbility-v8plus-4k-3d-portable-slim-mini-projector-4k-4096x-2160-pixel-3d-msd6a828-arm-64-bit-1-4ghz-cpu  or call +1 (855) 818-3837.

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