Zemits Introduces the Upgraded Dermeluxx Hydrodermabrasion System: Revolutionizing Esthetics and Offering Unparalleled Savings

Carlsbad, CA, USA – Sep 11, 2023 – Zemits, an industry leader in advanced aesthetic technology, proudly unveils the next generation of skin rejuvenation: the upgraded Dermeluxx Hydrodermabrasion System. This state-of-the-art machine is meticulously engineered to provide exceptional results while significantly reducing serum costs, helping estheticians boost their profitability in an increasingly competitive market.

The Zemits Dermeluxx System stands at the confluence of innovation, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. In a recent statement, Inna Ilchen, the spokesperson for Zemits, remarked,”Our goal has always been to empower estheticians with superior technology that’s both cutting-edge and cost-effective. With the new Dermeluxx, professionals can achieve both exceptional results and significant savings.”

Hydrodermabrasion: The Future of Skin Care

Hydrodermabrasion has been hailed as the next leap in skin care treatments. Unlike traditional microdermabrasion, it harnesses the gentle power of water and oxygen to exfoliate, hydrate,and rejuvenate the skin. The result? A deeply cleansed, radiant complexion without the harshness or downtime associated with other treatments

The upgraded Dermeluxx goes even further by integrating advanced features such as oxygen infusion and cryo facial treatments. This multifunctionality allows professionals to offer a broaderrange of services with a single device, maximizing treatment options while minimizing equipment overhead.

Significant Serum Savings: A Game Changer

Perhaps one of the most notable enhancements in the new Dermeluxx is its optimized serum delivery system. Zemits has cleverly reengineered the system to use serums more efficiently, reducing wastage. This translates to significant savings for estheticians. With the rising costs of high-quality serums, this feature ensures that professionals can offer top-tier treatments without escalating operational costs.

“By minimizing serum wastage, we’re enabling estheticians to maintain their premium service offerings while drastically cutting down their recurring expenses,” added Inna Ilchen. “It’s a win-win, for both professionals and their clients.”

Empowering Estheticians for Business Success

Beyond the technical enhancements, Zemits remains committed to the success of its community of estheticians. To ensure users harness the full potential of the Dermeluxx, every purchase is  accompanied by comprehensive training. This ensures that professionals not only understand the functionalities of the device but also learn the best techniques to maximize results.

Furthermore, recognizing the capital-intensive nature of the aesthetics business, Zemits offers 0% financing options, ensuring that budding estheticians and established professionals alike can access the best in the business without any financial strain.


The upgraded Zemits Dermeluxx Hydrodermabrasion System symbolizes the brand’s unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and the success of estheticians globally. As skincare trends evolve and client expectations rise, Zemits ensures that professionals are equipped with the best tools, both in terms of technology and business profitability.

About Zemits

Zemits is a renowned global brand committed to elevating the standards in the aesthetics industry. With a legacy of innovation and excellence, Zemits continues to produce cutting-edge equipment that empowers estheticians, spas, and clinics worldwide.

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