Zebung Technology: advancing with time, Technological empowerment; the application of floating marine oil and gas hoses in FPSO systems

Recently, China has delivered its first “floating oil factory” with land-sea integrated operation system in Nantong of east China’s Jiangsu Province on Friday. Haiyang Shiyou 123 (Offshore Oil 123) ship is a floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) unit that can process oil and gas on the sea, saving the process of piping from offshore rigs to onshore factories. It helps to achieve the exploitation, processing, storage, transmission and power generation of offshore oil, natural gas and other energy. The ship is equipped with more than 8,000 sensors that monitor temperatures, pressures and liquid levels. The data collected by the sensors is transmitted to the server room, where commands are generated to control the ship’s production.


Haiyangshiyou 123, the offshore oil and gas processing plant with a storage capacity of 100,000 tons, is the first FPSO in the country that applies digital technology such as cloud computing, big data, internet of things, artificial intelligence and edge computing, said the company.

The project will lay a solid foundation for intelligent oil and gas production and operation after its commissioning, it said.

The FPSO integrates functions of crude oil production, storage and export. It is like an offshore oil and gas processing plant, making it a mainstream production facility for global offshore oil and gas development.

In the FPSO system, it is necessary to use hoses to transport the mixed materials such as sand, gas, water and oil from the bottom of the well to the oil gathering system on board. Zebang’s offshore oil and gas hoses are produced for this application.


Hebei Zebung Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the design and production of rubber hoses. The Marine oil and gas hoses produced are designed for the needs of oil transportation in FPSO systems.  Zebung marine oil & gas hoses are made of high-strength materials and special processes, and have the following advantages:

1. ZEBUNG marine oil and gas hoses are with special formula design has excellent oil resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance,   Its excellent air tightness can adapt to various complex marine environments.

2. The offshore marine oil and gas hoses at sea are designed with fluid mechanics, and have excellent pressure resistance, bending performance and tensile resistance, which can be applied to various harsh sea conditions.

3. Offshore marine oil and gas hoses are verified by simulation tests and a number of experiments to ensure their reliability and safety

Zebung’s offshore marine oil and gas hoses can ensure the normal operation of FPSO systems, improve production efficiency and economic efficiency, and reduce equipment failures and downtime. At the same time, Zebung Technology has a perfect service system to provide customers with a full range of solutions and technical support.

According to the “14th Five-Year Plan” intelligent manufacturing Development Plan and other policies, China will focus on improving the independent research and development capability of Marine engineering equipment in the future, Zebung Technology will continue to advance with The Times through technology empowerment, and continue to make efforts in the high-end Marine engineering equipment market.

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