Zealeum, the blockchain based health, and wellness platform to launch their pre-ITO sale on April 12

Zealeum is the newly launched platform that is building the world’s leading cryptocurrency for the health and wellness industry. The platform is going to begin their pre-ITO sale on April 12, to offer Zeal tokens (the official cryptocurrency of the platform), an ERC20 type standard utility token. A total of 1 billion Zeal tokens will be generated out of which the public will have access to a total of 600 million tokens. The Pre-sale will offer 200 million Zeal tokens and the main ITO sale will offer 400 million Zeal tokens.

The users will be able to earn the Zeal tokens as rewards for healthy lifestyle choices such as going to the local gym or participating in a marathon. They can use these tokens on the Zealeum platform to purchase a variety of products & services related to health & fitness. The platform will also enable the users to create their health profile with full data control where they can view, share or sell their data according to their preferences.  The health profiles can be used to share information with doctors, insurance companies, and nutritionists.

The Zealeum platform is aimed to connect individuals, businesses and service providers together to improve global health and wellness across all aspects of the industry. The individuals can track their fitness and wellness goals through the platform, including tracking health-related data, documenting & planning meals while the professionals like fitness trainers can offer specialized packages to individuals based on their health profile, the nutritionists can offer services such as personalized meal plans and even the life coaches & other health gurus can offer customizable packages based on the individual user needs.

The platform also provides opportunities for establishments like fitness centers to promote their service in exchange of Zeal tokens; the companies that offer massage services, martial art classes or therapy; insurance companies offering insurance products based on customer’s health profile and hospitals or doctors requesting a user’s medical record & health profile.

In addition, Zealeum provides full authority to the user to decide which information can be shared or sold and to whom. The information brokers and data purchasers including fitness trainers, nutritionists etc. can make requests to the users, who then be notified and they can approve or reject the request as per their choice. By agreeing to sell their data, they’ll earn Zeal tokens.

Being based on a decentralized structure, Zealeum platform will offer an easy way for buyers and sellers to connect with each other and exchange Zeal tokens for goods, services, data and access to enhanced experiences. Their ultimate goal is to become a leading blockchain based health & wellness platform that offers the best quality products and services. More information about Zealeum and the upcoming ITO can be found at zealeum.life

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