The award winning health brand is making lives better worldwide

18 October 2016, (Singapore) – Nobody in the world imagined a single refreshing drink with countless benefits in health and wellness. As a recognition and reward for achieving this mega feat of excellence, ZANE won the 2016 Asia Pacific Super Health Brand Award for the production of its Finest Cordyceps Tea that has been patented and perfected by the company. The patented technology by ZANE has changed many lives and has improved the lifestyle of many satisfied people regardless of their ages, genders, and conditions. The testimonials have been phenomenal, and the company is looking to expand its area of distribution to the rest of the world following its successful launch in Asia Pacific. The health chain stores, retailers, and wholesalers in North America, South America, Europe, and Canada will be distributing ZANE to benefit their local population with this amazing invention.

“We feel honored to have received this award and are thankful for the jury and the users of our Cordyceps Tea.” Said Kevin Chia, Chairman, and Founder of ZANE. “Our mission is to empower people to live a healthy lifestyle and this accolade is a great show of support towards this.” He added. The award won by ZANE is from Asia Pacific Super Health Brand from the Global Business Media Group. The Global Business Media Group is also the publisher of “Asia’s most influential corporate branding magazine,” the Global Business Magazine.’ Said Kevin Chia of ZANE while expressing his gratitude for the award.

ZANE’s Finest Cordyceps Tea is being used globally and has a variety of benefits for everyone. The finest Cordyceps is extracted and cloned from the very best of the best species of the Tibetian Wild Cordyceps having all the active ingredients. Wild Cordyceps are a globally renowned medicinal mushroom that increases energy along with stimulating the immune system. Overall, the tea acts as a tonic for the human body and enhances the quality of life like nothing else. ZANE did not create Cordyceps but has perfected it to produce this effective tea with cutting edge patented technology that resulted in 3 to 6 times higher active ingredients than wild Cordyceps (backed with Singapore test report). This tea is a Product of Singapore and all natural with no added preservatives, manufactured under GMP Quality Standards and ISO 22000 & HACCP Food Quality System Certified.  This patented and proprietary formula is portable and easily absorb into the body to reap great benefits.

 “I had been suffering from a severe condition of insomnia as well as hair loss, but ZANE has changed my life.” Said Zhou Sai Jin, a satisfied Malaysian customer of ZANE. Karen Tan, a 33-year-old female from Malaysia stated that she improved her asthma condition by using this tea it also helped her lose weight. Frequent night urination, high blood pressure, sleep deprivation and backache problems of Mr. Keith Koh from Singapore were also improved with ZANE tea, according to his testimonial. Mr. Lam Ha, a 75-year-old Vietnamese improved diabetes and high blood pressure with this tea and Safre Wong, a 57-year-old Singapore male improved his thyroid condition dramatically. There are countless other testimonials on the website of ZANE sharing success stories of ZANE Finest Cordyceps Tea.

Headquartered in Singapore, the company has a primary vision of achieving excellence through innovation and changing lives. Not everywhere in the world do people find only one product to solve all their issues and ZANE is just the right refreshment for a healthy life. The tea has been gaining massive popularity worldwide. After the success of its business model in Asia, the company is expanding its distribution globally to USA, Canada, Europe collaborating with distributors, health chain stores, pharmacies, spa, retailers, and wholesalers.

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