Zamunda – A Groundbreaking Defi Metaverse Play, Stake to Earn Geolocation dynamic Simulation game coming to Cardano blockchains

Zamunda is a Play-to-Earn, and Stake-to-Earn dynamic Simulation game that was made out of an award-winning movie “Coming to America.” Afterwards, many people are curious about the geographical location of Zamunda, and it is evident in Google search results. Built on the Cardano blockchain, mapped with a real world. The metaverse will encompass real-estate simulation games that allow users to buy land, flip houses and develop properties in the virtual kingdom.

The metaverse has its own national currency with limited supply, and it is issued by the Central Bank of Zamunda with different currency denominations. It is a geolocation based real estate metaverse game and it will be mapped with Johannesburg with respect to its land size. The game will use a real-time geolocation data from Johannesburg, and players will have the chance of making money off real estate as if they are in the Republic of South Africa.

Exploring the Zamunda Ecosystem Diversity

To benefit from the economic prosperity of this Kingdom, players would need to hold a piece of these notes Zamunda Dollar, to have access into metaverse game.

The game is a real-life simulation of real-estate business and investment, also rich in education as well as entertainment. Player’s time and superior business strategies will be rewarded with ZMD tokens /Zamunda Dollar, this can be converted to major cryptocurrencies.

ZMD is a fungible token that will be used for in-game purchase, while the Zamunda notes are NFTs with 10,000 limited supply.

Unique Features of Zamunda Metaverse:

A virtual environment for game development, real estate investment, entertainment, and tourism.

If this is possible in the real world, it’s also possible in the Zamunda kingdom.

Users can build a resort center on their lands and invite people to relish in its beauty for a specific amount of money. This is another passive income opportunity for Zamundians aside from staking.

Decentralized financing in the metaverse, just like in the real world, players can use their real-estate properties as collateral to obtain loans from the Zamunda bank.

Passive income opportunities for Zamunda NFT holders, they can stake their NFT and earn passive income, this is a good mechanism that will help in stabilizing the worth of these NFTs, and ensure sustainable price growth.

Do you have what it takes to compete in the Zamunda real estate metaverse? There is going to be two types of games in the kingdom: free-to-play and hold-to-play. Even if you don’t have Zamunda dollar (NFT) / ZMD token, you will be able to explore, have an insight of how the game is, you can go on adventure, but as a free player you will not be able to monetize your virtual assets while playing Zamunda metaverse game

An Economically Viable Metaverse

Players will be rewarded for their investment acumen; for instance, they can flip a property for quick gains in the metaverse. Some players will prefer to develop a property from scratch and sell, when it’s more valuable. Other players may like to buy or develop rental properties so they can continue to earn from it, depending on where these assets are located in Zamunda.

Meta Roadmap

Zamunda game developers plan to make the game available to mobile users through the Android Playstore and Apple Store.


Zamunda is giving away a total of 1000 NFTs to the lucky participants. Sign up for the giveaway and complete simple tasks to earn entries.

We look forward to having you in our community. There are 1,000 Zamunda NFT available for active community members and it will be distributed based on first come first served.

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