Yurlinked® Launches Innovative Professional Social Media Platform, Revolutionizing Business Networking

Renowned entrepreneur Scott Saunders introduces Yurlinked®, the ultimate hub for professionals, businesses, and collaborations.

United Kingdom – 22 January, 2024 – Successful British entrepreneur and former TV personality Scott Saunders has announced the launch of Yurlinked®, a groundbreaking professional social media platform designed to transform how businesses and professionals connect and collaborate. This new platform, set to rival the likes of LinkedIn and Facebook, offers a range of unique features tailored to meet the diverse needs of today’s entrepreneurs.

Saunders made headlines in 2015 when he walked off BBC’s The Apprentice during a winning task. Post-The Apprentice, he is best known for creating the thriving payroll comparison industry, starting with his first website, payroll-supermarket.com, which he successfully sold in 2022.

The Yurlinked® primary focus is to add tangible value to users by providing features not found on other social media platforms. Yurlinked® includes a free ad directory, business listings, the ability to upload online courses, an events section, a games arcade, and even astrology tools for decision-making enthusiasts.

Scott Saunders shared his vision for the platform, commenting, “It’s about time social media starts adding value to those using it. Being a serial entrepreneur myself, I found there wasn’t anything available that met my needs… so I built it.”

According to the platform, key features of Yurlinked® include:

1. Professional Business Directory:

Showcase your business or services with our dedicated social business directory. Generate leads and allow users to review services, offering a unique opportunity for businesses to connect and grow.

2. Engaging Communities:

Join vibrant communities within your industry to engage in discussions, share insights, and stay updated on the latest trends and offers.

3. Event Publishing:

Unlock the potential of your events by publishing them on Yurlinked®. Captivate a broad audience, fostering excitement and participation.

4. Free Classified Ads:

Create free ads on our business directory, providing an effective and budget-friendly way to showcase your offerings to a diverse and engaged audience.

5. Online Course Design:

Design online courses for free on Yurlinked®, creating compelling educational content and fostering a dynamic learning environment for a global audience.

6. Poll Generation:

Initiate insightful conversations by generating online polls on the platform, empowering users to gather valuable feedback, engage the audience, and make informed decisions.

The early feedback for the new platform has been entirely positive. Chris S, from London, said in a five-star review, “I started using Yurlinked® for its classified ads, which has been a complete success. Now, I am using it for course design. I couldn’t be happier!”

Platform registration is free, and businesses can explore the potential of Yurlinked® by visiting https://yurlinked.com or downloading the app from any appstore!

For more information about Yurlinked®, please visit https://yurlinked.co.uk.

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