YUNYl Drive Wins Outstanding Supplier Award at ANKAl Bus Supply Chain Partner Conference 2024


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On April 9, the 2024 ANKAI Bus Supply Chain Partner Conference with the theme of “Seek Development Together, Chain Winning the Future” was held in Hefei, and the conference commended the suppliers with excellent performance in 2023, and Mr. Xiang Xingchu, Chairman of JAC, presented the award in person, and Jiangsu Yunyi Drive System Co., Ltd. was honored with the Excellent Supplier Award.

The drive system is one of the most important systems for electric vehicles, and the electric vehicle drive system is mainly composed of vehicle controller unit (VCU), motor controller unit(MCU), drive motor, mechanical transmission and cooling system, etc. Among them, the drive motor is also known as the “heart” of the electric vehicle, providing the “whole body” power, converting electric energy into kinetic energy to drive the electric vehicle, determining the performance of the electric vehicle.

YUNYI started to focus on new energy vehicle module from 2013, and established YUNYI Drive in 2015 with a registered capital of 96.4 million, which is dedicated to the R&D, production and sales of drive motor products.


Core Competitiveness of Yuni Drive Motor:

High efficiency: design the electromagnetic scheme in accordance with the double 90% level, confirm the optimal magnetic density distribution cloud map through electromagnetic simulation, upgrade the main body with the optimization direction guided by theory + experience, and verify the simulation of subdivided scheme under the optimal subject scheme, with the efficiency improvement as high as 96.5%;

Lightweight: Structural design and process design complement each other, with minimalist skeletonization of the rotor blade, injection molding process instead of glue filling process, and lightweight aluminum plate instead of heavy end plate, guaranteeing higher balance while reducing the weight by 5-15%;

Long service life: the design life of the bearings >2 million km, eliminating all the factors that reduce the life of the bearings, providing a more detailed bearing protection program, using other critical parts with higher quality, and realizing a long and reliable life of the whole vehicle by improving the life of the bearings and other parts;

YUNYI Drive permanent magnet synchronous drive motors are efficiently used in:Commercial vehicles, heavy trucks, light trucks, marine, construction vehicles, industrial and many other scenarios

Thanks for ANKAI’s recognition and support of our company again!Let’s continue to work together and drive a better future in 2024!

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