Youtube Host Visits America\’s 3rd Ever Cat Cafe and Learns They Are Responsible for Hundreds of Adoptions

Denver, CO – 15 February, 2017 – YouTube show “Arcane Adventures with Adam,” which documents interesting people and places around the world recently made a stop in Denver. While asking locals for advice on fun and interesting places to visit in the city, the host of the show, Adam Miguèst, was recommended “Denver Cat Company.”

“I must admit, I thought cat cafés were just a gimmick to get people in to drink coffee with cats but I was blown away by how much philanthropy they do,” said Miguèst. “Not only were the cats super cute and fun to play with but when speaking to the owner, I realized that Denver Cat Company rescues these cats from shelters, feeds them and is responsible for nearly 200 cat adoptions since opening. That, to me, is the main reason locals should stop in, grab a cup of coffee and support the café.”

Denver Cat Company has no plans of slowing down as the owner, Sana, expressed that business was good and that she will continue to run the café and also help ease the strain on the local animal shelters.

Video can be viewed below:
“The Best Cat Café Video Ever! A look at Denver Cat Company”

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