The One-stop Online Pets Encyclopedia in the USA

September, US – Your Veterinary Clinic is a website that is designed to be an informative source of information for pet owners and animal lovers. It is expected to be an encyclopedia of everything animal related, and vets have written many of the articles written on the website. This is a revolution on the internet regarding pets and will make a difference.

On Your Veterinary Clinic, people are expected to find all they want to know about diseases in horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents (guinea pigs, rats, mice, ferrets), cows and sheep and other species. There are a lot of articles on the website providing detailed information about pets, particularly dogs. All articles are sorted in alphabetical order.

The website is a major source of online information regarding the pets and has an increasing number of visitors every day. The Alexa ratings of the website are dramatically rising, and it is gaining traffic beyond expectations. Moreover, is regularly cited as an expert source of information on, eHow, Allexperts and many other news sources and portals.

Listings of all the dog friendly hotels in the USA, dog friendly self-catering in the USA and other destinations that allow dogs are there. “This website will help people learn more about the man’s best friend.” Says Robert Anderson, a pet enthusiast from Minnesota. Having such a vast range of information regarding pets under one online encyclopedia is an unprecedented step.


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