Your Travel Bucket List: The Ultimate Guide to Enrich Your Life with Great Adventures and Unforgettable Memories

Do you dream of rewarding travel? Time for adventure, wellness, connection, self-development, or renewal?

If you want your travels to be exciting, immersive, experiential, authentic trips where you learn and grow as well as relax and have fun – then you must have this beautiful book! It’s a unique combination of coffee table/picture book, travel guide, goal planner, and self-development tool.

Your Travel Bucket List is for anyone with wanderlust (whether you are single or have a family) and who has big dreams for incredible trips. You can be just beginning to explore the world or planning travel in retirement. Maybe you have traveled quite a bit already and are looking for motivation to try something different. From now on, you’ll create the greatest adventures of your life, produce more meaningful experiences, and build extraordinary memories from your travels.

There are many travel journals and books with suggestions for bucket-list destinations, but this book is different. Estee teaches that by first exploring your interests and what you desire from your trips, you can then choose destinations that have the best opportunity to achieve your desires. Places where you can have unique opportunities for growth and quality time with loved ones. Adding this type of travel to your life fulfills you and reconnects you with yourself and the world around you.

You are encouraged to plan well ahead and spark your creativity with the thoughtful journaling prompts, quotes, advisor tips, memory joggers and conversation starters provided. It’s an easy read with inspiring true stories of other travelers that have enjoyed their bucket list vacations, as well as stunning visuals to give you new and unique trip ideas. As you complete the book, you will uncover what you love to do, create a travel style, and set the bar high with what you want to accomplish on your trips. The final worksheets help you set goals and create a tailored roadmap to achieve your travel dreams.

Estee brings a unique perspective as a self-development expert and as a seasoned travel advisor and owner of The Luxurist Travel Agency. She has also traveled the world and curated enthralling trips with her own family and many others in just this way. Estee has taught this in countless workshops and to her clients and promises you will cultivate each trip to be exceptional, with a solid travel plan to move forward on a lifetime of journeys.

And their help doesn’t end with this book. They offer a wealth of information on their website which includes a free trip planning app, a companion workbook, a free consultation, and videos with travel tips. They can work with you individually and can even create a custom travel portfolio using an interactive tool and private travel portal that has thousands of travel experiences to get more inspiration for your bucket list. This powerful combination of their expertise supported by the latest advancements in technology is a full service they offer to their clients in addition to booking their trips.

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