Your Obsolete Brain: Life and Death in the Age of Superintelligent Machines

“Published by The Life Science Institute”
Artificial Intelligence Expert Dennis Lee Foster Reveals the Future of Civilization Entwined with Supercomputers, From Technological Chaos to Uploading a Mind to a Machine

In a revealing new book, Artificial Intelligence expert and best-selling author Dennis Lee Foster chronicles how civilization has entered a period of profound social and technological transition in which developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are completely transforming life and death. In Your Obsolete Brain: Life and Death in the Age of Superintelligent Machines, the author vividly depicts the future of human society as it inevitably becomes entwined with—and possibly molded by—superintelligent computers.

Advanced technologies that might solve the planet’s most dire problems have also spawned autonomous killing machines and nanorobots capable of spreading lethal viruses indiscriminately. As superintelligent machines ascend, will they inherit human drives to compete, exploit, and dominate? Will people someday achieve immortality by uploading their minds into computers? Who will be the real masters of future civilizations: humans or machines?

In Your Obsolete Brain, Foster provides the most likely answers, drawn from recent breakthroughs and groundbreaking research, to these and other questions about the most important human quest of modern times—possibly, of all time. While dispelling many of the myths and misconceptions about AI, the book also reveals how civilization will be impacted by autonomous weapons, planned obsolescence, stock market manipulation, the Internet of Things, and current research aimed at uploading a human mind to a computer.

According to Foster, “One event is certain: ultimately, the quality of life and possibly the entire fate of everyone who lives on Earth will be forever impacted by artificial intelligence from birth to death-and possibly beyond. Of all the traits that contributed to the rise and eventual dominance of humans over the planet, ingenuity was perhaps the most profound. Yet, it is our very rise and dominance that produced the coming clash between civilization and technological chaos. In the end, ingenuity may prove to be either our demise or our salvation.”

In Your Obsolete Brain, readers will learn how AI can:

• Save lives but also kill; empower but also obsolete
• Solve planetary crises, or hasten the collapse of civilization
• Bolster or devastate the global economy
• Enhance or enslave the human brain

Your Obsolete Brain is published by The Life Science Institute, a global think tank devoted to research, education, and information dissemination on scientific, economic, and social issues affecting the perseverance of civilization.

Dennis Lee Foster is a computer scientist, author, educator, and consultant, known as a pioneer in the development of artificial intelligence in educational technology, medical diagnosis, and robotics. Involved in AI research, development, and deployment since 1974, he is the author of more than 60 published books about computers and programming, behavior science, finance, health care, sociology, and communications.


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