Young Boston Filmmaker is Making a Series Pilot Which He Says is Ideal for Netflix Viewers

“Writer and director of The Chronic Adventure Story, Eric Bergquist.”
Eric Bergquist, writer and director of The Chronic Adventure Story, says his series pilot is something Netflix should jump for the chance to stream to viewers.

Boston, MA – The young Boston Filmmaker, Eric Bergquist, is extremely talented. The series pilot he plans to film is creative, original, entertaining, and an evolutionary leap in modern filmmaking – just what streaming services like Netflix are anxious to find.

Bergquist is the writer and director of The Chronic Adventure Story. Inspiration for the innovative story comes from the popular Choose Your Own Adventure books.

“The pilot episode story contains four interchangeable acts, which means there are 24 different permutations, and viewers can watch any or all of them. We believe there is a large fan-base who will anxiously watch them all,” explained Bergquist.

In the pilot episode, Samuel Gibson (Justin Blackburn) finds himself in the middle of a plagiarism dispute over his fiction bestseller, and is suddenly faced with the alternative realities from his own story. Each of the 24 different outcomes can be viewed by fans who want to explore the various permutations of the story.

Bergquist’s filmmaking in high school, university, and beyond has revealed his creative, innovative talent and skills as a writer and filmmaker. His quest for quality has been evident in all his work.

“I have no interest in ‘Well, we’ll do it right next time’,” he explained. “I’d rather have one single film that I can be proud of and that is done right than 20 films where I have to make excuses why things didn’t pan out.”

He earned his degree at Fitchburg State University, Majoring in Communications Media with a concentration in Film and Video Production, and a minor in Psychological Science.

All of his films exhibit creativity and quality at every level. After a number of innovative short films, his directorial-debut was Analogic, a low budget, independent film that has a look and feel often found only in big-budget films.

Bergquist says he plans to film The Chronic Adventure Story pilot episode in the Boston area for the fall of 2017, or as soon as funding is in place.

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