Yolie launches the enhanced version of bone conduction headphones on Indiegogo

Yolie has redefined the bone conduction headphones and launched two versions of it – wired and non-wired on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Despite being better for ear health, bone conduction headphones are not quite popular among the masses due to its bulky size and low performance in noisy environment. This is why Yolie has launched the Y-BoneTouch, the bone conduction headphones which will not only offer a safer alternative to conventional headphones but also provide high-quality sound and overall performance.

The headphones are launched with a goal to raise $40,000 that’ll be utilized to get the product into mass production and fulfillment of orders. The Y-BoneTouch by Yolie doesn’t need to be inserted inside the ears which prevent any eardrum damage and keeps the user aware of their surroundings too without compromising on the sound quality.

Using a bone conduction headphone prevents any hearing damage from prolonged usage of headphones as the conventional headphones can easily reach more than 100dB. Prolong exposure to such sound level is harmful to the eardrums and that is when bone conduction headphones come into light. Yolie has come up with this enhanced version of bone conduction headphones that is not only safe for the ears but also not so heavy on the pocket.

Yolie has designed the two headphones to be comfortable with a minimalistic design and affordable price. The ergonomic design, elastic and slim headband along with sunglasses ready contour makes the headphones suitable to be worn for longer periods. Unlike the conventional bone conduction headphones, the electronics are not located in the back of the Y-BoneTouch headphones so it does not go off balance and stays at the place. All buttons are provided at the front for easy access and the user can answer the call or change music track with one click of the button.

The outer layer of the headphones is made with high-quality aluminum with micro brushing and anti-corrosion coating along with laser engraving.

The user can use these headphones in two modes that are open ear mode which is suitable to listen to music and make calls while being aware of the surroundings and close ear mode which offers enhanced bass performance and suitable when there is a need to shut the background noise such as on a train, during a flight, and others.

Y-BoneTouch headphone comes with a convenient carrier case. The backers have a chance to order the headphones (wireless and wired version) at an early bird price through the Indiegogo campaign. All the deliveries will be made by June 2016.

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