YMEDIA Launches the First-of-its-kind Tokenized AI Smart TV Network

YMEDIA Launches the First-of-its-kind Tokenized AI Smart TV Network
Innovative ad solutions provider, YMEDIA, announces the launch of its tokenized AI Smart TV Network as part of the decentralized approach to democratizing advertising

The YMEDIA team might just be charting a new course in the world of advertising and media in general, as it introduces the YMEDIA Token and its tokenized AI Smart TV Network. YMEDIA aims to democratize advertising by making it easy for businesses, irrespective of their location across the globe, to reach their target audience, offering 500,000 global screens enabled by blockchain technology and 150 million smart TVs generating liquidity.

Technological advancements have significantly influenced industries and advertising is not an exception. Over the years, there has been an increase in the demand for ad solutions, as businesses use traditional and digital media to increase their brand awareness. A report published by IMARC Group revealed that the global advertising market size will hit US$ 834.9 Billion by 2028 from the US$ 615.2 Billion recorded in 2022. Despite the amazing figures from the industry, different stakeholders, especially clients, still find it difficult to achieve their respective goals in relation to expansion and availability. However, YMEDIA is changing this narrative by leveraging the powers of blockchain to empower all categories of players in the advertising industry.

YMEDIA is offering an all-inclusive solution that creates a win-win scenario for advertisers, publishers, and consumers by enhancing the transparency, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of advertising. The blockchain-driven solution will redefine the advertising industry, enabling easy creation of content and ensuring massive reach through a global platform that offers thousands of screens and seemingly unlimited revenue-generating opportunities with top-notch blockchain-backed security.

YMEDIA is bringing the future of advertising to the world, with components such as the YMEDIA token and the decentralized tokenized AI Smart TV Network as well as a blockchain-supported cloud-based digital billboard advertising platform. It is unprecedented times in the advertising industry, with YMEDIA guaranteeing integrity, productivity, and protection, fundamentally altering the advertising domain and introducing a period of improved cost-effectiveness, global accessibility, and efficacy for publishers, advertisers, and consumers.

YMEDIA Token, the adopted accepted currency on the platform, provides advertisers with an array of alternatives, as a convergence of Bitcoin, YMedia Tokens, USDT, and ETH, making it universal in the advertising world. There is also the Tyga Wallet App, an important part of the YMEDIA ecosystem, which is designed to ensure smooth, safe, and secure transactions within the domain of digital advertising. The wallet will transform cryptocurrency payments for advertising from mere transactions into a streamlined and effective performance, consequently enhancing efficiency and productivity in the advertising industry.

YMEDIA is also looking to collaborate with like-minded players in the industry, as it seeks expansion of influence and scope within the digital advertising sector.

To learn more about YMEDIA and world’s first tokenized AI smart TV network, visit – https://www.ymedia.ae/

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