Yinka Bode George launches Uber Body Waist Trainer online

Yinka Bode George has announced the launch of their latest product, the Uber-Body Waist Trainer that allows them to achieve better workout and fitness results. The product that is recommended to be worn 3 to 4 hours a day helps the wearer in achieving a flatter belly and an hourglass figure with regular use. It also claims to provide immediate slimming results, if the product is worn correctly.

Waist Trainers have been around for decades for achieving a flatter belly and an hourglass figure. Since the medieval times, women have worn it religiously to achieve their ideal body figure and now even men are following the same trend. Waist Trainers can be worn around the waist area and with regular usage, they help in reducing water weight and shape the abdomen area. From a simple corset-like waist trainer to advanced versions with heating pads and spine support systems, Waist Trainers have evolved a lot.

The Uber-BodyWaist Trainer by Yinka Bode George is one example of an advanced waist trainer that provides improved workout results. It helps in strengthening the core during the workout and help the user in achieving faster results.The comfortable design and material used for its construction allow the user to wear it while cleaning, jogging, working out, walking, cycling, or simply doing household chores.

Uber-Body Waist Trainer also comes with removable self-heating pads to help the wearer sweat more and lose belly water weight faster, giving the instant slimming effect. The product comes with an adjustable band so that the user can adjust it according to their changing waist size. By holding the core, it also helps the user in achieving better form and position while squatting. Additionally, the removable medical abs cartilage prevents edge curling and promote better posture by supporting the spine.

The product is constructed using high-quality rubber, neoprene, and latex that offers superelasticity and supports waist effectively while applying double pressure. The mesh structure design makes it comfortable and breathable so that it can be worn for hours. It settles down on belly without any restraint and stays in place during all kinds of activities.

More information about the product can be found at yinkabodegeorge.com.

Medical Disclaimer

Please consult your doctor or a physician before using any waist training products, start any new diet or exercise program. If pain persists or increases, or if irritation or sensitivity of the skin occurs while using this product (redness, rash, inflammation) discontinue use and consult your doctor.

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