Yeti Paper launches Kickstarter Campaign for the Best Whiteboard in the Entire Galaxy!

Now Seeking Public Support, Yeti Paper is a flexible Whiteboard that can stick to any flat surface!

The creators of Yeti Paper have announced that they are seeking public support on Kickstarter for their revolutionary whiteboard. The whiteboard is slightly bigger than A3 size paper and it is less than 1mm-thick. In addition, this amazing Yeti Paper sticks to any flat smooth surface and users can easily write and erase endlessly on it just like they would do on a regular whiteboard.

Yeti Paper has endless features and benefits and it is an amazing tool to bring out the natural talent as well as the creative spirit out of children. The Yeti Paper will enable children to learn, note, design, play and do it over and over again. It can also be used by grown ups to write their to do, shopping list and notes.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at: and if you pre-order it you can have one sheet for less than 10$.

About Yeti Paper

Yeti Paper is a revolutionary project created by a design agency called located in the heart of Paris.  They wanted to spark creativity in children and adults worldwide without sacrificing tons of paper in the process. The creators are now seeking community support on Kickstarter for this amazing whiteboard and they are welcoming generous support from all around the world.

Media Contact
Company Name: Wolfox
Contact Person: Camila Masetti
Phone: +33783382352
City: Cachan
Country: France