Yawny: Unveiling Bigfoot’s Heart – A Captivating Journey by Tim Swope

Yawny: Unveiling Bigfoot's Heart - A Captivating Journey by Tim Swope

IMLER, Pa. – Author Tim Swope, a master of expressing feelings and life’s experiences presents Yawny: Not Just Another Big Foot. Drawing from his experience both with ups and downs, he takes his readers on a hunting trip in Pennsylvania and intricately weaves his thoughts, wisdom, and emotions into this book through his experience. 

Yawny: Not Just Another Big Foot is not just among the swath of hunting books available. It is entertaining, educational, poignant, and occasionally heartbreaking. It is one of the best Bigfoot books to satisfy your creature cravings. 

Yawny is female Big Foot and her presence discovers the secrets that shroud the feared beast, the line between myth and reality is quickly blurred. As you turned each page, it felt as if you were sitting by the campfire with Swope as he shared his thoughts and compelling evidence of the elusive creature.  His raw and genuine words create a space where emotions flow freely and vulnerabilities are celebrated. 

“Even without being able to speak, I could feel she had something on her mind. She missed something. I figured it had to be the family. I was not sure why she was staying, but she was. As far as I was concerned, she could have stayed as long as she wanted.” 

However, Yawny by Tim Swope is a rare example of an engaging story where Bigfoot is portrayed based on an authentic and believable presentation.   

“It had been one of the best relationships I had ever had with a female.  Due to the language barrier there weren’t any arguments”. Readers thoroughly will enjoy the intricate web of mystery that was woven through the plot. 

The book was on display at the Manila International Book Fair last September 14-17, 2023.  

“Yawny: Not Just Another Bigfoot Story”  By Tim Swope 

Kindle | $9.99  

Paperback | $20.00 

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About the Author 

Tim Swope worked hard his entire life to make it to retirement. He loves hunting, fishing, camping, and cooking outdoors.

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